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Westlaw UK – 2013 The Review

Westlaw UK page break2013 is all but over. It’s come and gone far too quickly. But was spectacular none the less.

This year, after a slow start, the UK enjoyed one of the finest summers we’ve had in a long time. The sun came out and stayed out, and for three months we all looked like we lived in Spain. We bashed Australia in the rugby and Wales won the Six Nations, England retained the Ashes, Froome dominated Le Tour, and Murray won Wimbledon. With all that sunshine and winning, it’s no wonder we’re at the pointy-er end of the 2013 UN World Happiness Report.

We followed #royalbabywatch on Twitter as a future king was born, and gathered around the television on Tuesday evenings for Great British Bake-Off – debating style versus substance. We talked about Lance’s doping and Miley’s twerking as well as pondering the greatest question of all – what does the fox say?

On a more somber note, we witnessed the passing of two of the biggest icons of the twentieth century, Nelson Mandela and Margaret Thatcher, and felt helpless when news of Boston, India and the Philippines hit.

In the legal world it was alternative business structures, changes to legal aid, and Lord Justice Jackson’s reforms which were spoken about around the water cooler. We saw restructures, mergers, closures and protests and watched the legal landscape change in front of our eyes.

At Westlaw UK we did a lot of listening and discussing. We talked to you to try to better understand what your business needs. There were big enhancements mixed with small but important tweaks and we added a bundle of new content to your service. Looking back on the year, we hope we made a difference, and hope that our work helped you in some way to work faster, work smarter and advise with confidence.

Wishing you all a spectacular, happy and safe festive season.


The Westlaw UK team

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School Bans Flapjacks

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This year we made three significant enhancements to your search functionality including suggested terms, relevancy ranking and filtering – find further information by watching our Search Enhancements video below.

Our suggested search terms functionality now allows you to explore and investigate our insight, cases, legislation, journals and current awareness information in a more streamlined approach. It means smarter searches, with less typing and a higher likelihood of finding the content you need, fast.

As you begin to type a search on Westlaw UK, matching search suggestions will display in a drop-down menu below the search box. The suggestions are refined as you continue to type.

This functionality has been built into the search bars for the homepage, Citations, Party Names, Acts or Legislation Titles, Statutory Definitions and Terms Defined and the Subject / Keyword search.


Westlaw UK search results are now ranked using our expert editorial knowledge, meaning you receive the most appropriate results for your searches near the top of your results list. These improvements to the search on Westlaw UK bring you a number of benefits:

    • Time Saving – Get relevant search results whilst you type , meaning you spend less time searching and can go right to the research content you want more quickly
    • Less Typing – Dynamically generated results mean you can stop typing as soon as you see what you need
    • Smarter Searching – Like a conversation with Westlaw UK, get instant feedback on whether your search terms return the type of results you want. If not, just add another word or two to see if the results are closer to what you’re looking for. It’s now more likely that the content you want will be nearer the top of your results list


Giving you a more intuitive way to search, our search filtering enhancement allows you to refine results, saving time and effort. Filtering is applied across all of Westlaw UK (excluding books and EU), offering content type specific search results with extended filtering options for:

HOMEPAGE: Including Content Type, Topic and Date

INSIGHT: Including Topic and Date

CASES: Including Topic, Date, Jurisdiction, Courts and Status

LEGISLATION: Including Topic, Date, Jurisdiction and Document type

JOURNALS: Including Topic, Date, Jurisdiction, Availability and Document type

CURRENT AWARENESS: Including Topic, Date, Jurisdiction and Document type


      • Filtering over whole results set (not limited to 4,000)
      • Further enhances ease of searching Westlaw UK
      • Detailed indexing allows filtering by topic, date, jurisdiction, content type, court and status
      • Ability to filter across all possible results and not just the capped list for display
      • Ability to Print, Download, E-mail and Folder from filtered results
      • Ability to save the filtered results for alerting
      • Ability to save the filtered results for RSS
      • Ability to build links to the filtered results




When researching Insight articles, you can now link directly to related journal articles. Found at the bottom of an article’s page, the new Journals tab sits alongside Cases and Legislation.

This year we made a small change to your Insight home page. To make your research easier, we renamed ‘Watched Topics’ to ‘Bookmarks’. So when you bookmark a topic (by clicking the star in the top right hand corner of your screen), it now appears on your Insight home page under the heading ‘Bookmarks’.


Throughout 2013 we added a total of 12 book titles and 24 looseleaf titles taking our total library to well over 130. Each of the titles launched this year are listed below, with links provided should you want more information.


      • Confidentiality – went live 03.01.2013 – More information
      • Williams, Mortimer & Sunnucks: Executors, Administrators and Probate – went live 06.02.2013 – More information
      • EU Antitrust Procedure – went live 14.02.2013 – More information
      • Analytical Commentary on the UNCITRAL Rules – went live 21.02.2013 – More information
      • A–Z Civil Litigation – went live 21.05.2013 – More information
      • Prescription and Limitation (Greens) – went live 28.08.2013 – More information
      • Agency (Greens) – went live 30.08.2013
      • Vinter: Project Finance – went live 26.09.2013 – More information
      • Norrie Parent & Child – went live 27.09.2013
      • Bhala: Modern GATT Law – went live 15.10.2013 – More information
      • Renewal of Business Tenancies – went live 31.10.2013 – More information
      • Dilapidations: The Modern Law and Practice – went live 8.11.2013 – More information



Connections are important to us. That’s why we were happy to launch the European Lawyer Reference Series on Westlaw UK this year. The European Lawyer Reference Series works with top law firms internationally to create cross-jurisdictional comparative law books for you. Our titles are produced in collaboration with leading lawyers and barristers in their fields from some of the world’s most respected law firms and are available on Westlaw UK and include:

      • Alternative Corporate Re-Engineering 2011
      • Commercial Litigation 2011
      • Family Law 2011
      • Global Business and Human Rights 2011
      • Hedge Funds 2011
      • International Fraud & Asset Tracing 2008
      • Investment Funds 2011
      • Merger Control 2011
      • Patent Litigation
      • Private Equity 2010
      • Shareholders Rights 2011
      • Shipping and International Trade 2011

*The European Lawyer Reference Series is available as an add-on to a Westlaw UK subscription.


This year we saw some major enhancements made to Westlaw UK Crime*, meaning those of you who subscribe to this service now enjoy a more seamless research experience than ever before.

Joining up content between Archbold and Criminal Law Week the enhancements ensured that sources, commentary and cases are available within a few clicks, speeding up your research and enabling an uninterrupted flow of information for case preparation.

What you can now see:

      • Archbold supplement updates will now sit on the same page as the main work
      • Weekly updates affecting the content of Archbold will appear in a pop up box and at the bottom of any relevant page enabling you to see at a glance the most up-to-date information
      • A new update symbol lets you see immediately if there are any updates to the information you are looking at
      • You’ll have fully searchable access to Criminal Law Week with links directly to it from Archbold should you need further detail

*Westlaw UK Crime is available as an add-on to a Westlaw UK subscription or as a standalone service.


For joint Westlaw UK and Practical Law subscribers, this year we extended our linking from Practical Law through to Westlaw UK to include case law, adding to the legislation links launched in 2012.

This means that you can now link directly from Practical Law’s Case Reports through to Westlaw UK’s Case Analysis documents to continue your research.

It’s just another way we’re making your research more efficient, enabling you to move flexibly between Practical Law and Westlaw UK, depending upon your requirements.


See the status of a case
Icons appear at the top of each case document, so you can instantly tell the status of that case.

Case analysis documents
Descriptive analysis documents are available for UK, Scottish and EU case law decisions (dating back to 1220 for UK and 1954 for EU). They set a case in its wider context offering links to connected cases, legislation, journals and commentary titles.

Each case analysis document contains the following information (where applicable) with links to the relevant documents on Westlaw UK:

    • Where Reported
    • Summary of the case
    • Appellate History
    • Significant Cases Cited
    • Significant Legislation Cited
    • All Cases Cited
    • All Cases Citing
    • All Legislation Cited
    • Related Cases
    • Key Cases Citing
    • Journal Articles
    • Books & Looseleafs
    • Insight
    • Graphical, in addition to textual results display, bringing clarity to complex case histories

Set up case alerts
You can set up alerts relating to the case you are interested in by clicking on the Create Case Alert icon in the top right of the screen. You can choose to be notified when any of the following happen:

    • The case has changed status (e.g. had neutral judicial treatment but now has some
      negative treatment)
    • The appeal status of the case has changed (e.g. an appeal has been heard, or an application for permission to appeal has been made, granted or refused)
    • Another case has been heard between the same parties on a different point of law
    • The case has been cited by another case
    • The case has been referenced in a journal article

Link further into the case
Linking through to Westlaw UK also gives you seamless access to further case links, via the blue left hand navigation panel. From here you can go deeper into the case, linking to the following sources which cite the case:

      • Journal Articles
      • Books & Looseleafs
      • Insight



Legislation analysis documents, designed for online research provide all information pertinent to a provision with seamless links to related content. Some benefits of linking to legislation on Westlaw UK include:

Arrangement of Act and SI documents
Allowing you to easily navigate to any provision, part or schedule from one document.

Interpretive commentary
View interpretative commentary of provision (if available) including:

      • Pepper v Hart notes
      • General Notes
      • Questions and Answers on ambiguities
      • Extracts from citing cases, explanatory notes and other reports

See the status of a provision
View the current status of a provision (in force, partially in force, not yet in force, superseded, prospective, repealed, amendments pending) with our status icons to quickly identify the relevant provisions of a piece of legislation.

View pending amendments
Immediately identify if there are pending amendments, with the date they will take effect, and see how the prospective version could look.

See into the past
Access historical versions of the provision.

Jurisdictional versions
You have the option to view jurisdictional versions, including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (where applicable).

Link further into the provision
Linking through to Westlaw UK also gives you seamless access to further provision links, via the legislation analysis document. From here you can go deeper into the provision, linking to:

    • The Arrangement of the Act or Part – putting the provision into context
    • Cases citing your provision
    • Journal articles citing your provision
    • Other relevant, related and delegated legislation
    • Relevant EU materials
    • Books & Looseleafs
    • Insight

Download / Save / E-mail / PDF

You also have the options to download, save or email the provision as well as
downloading the PDF of the fully updated consolidated Act.

Download the brochure here.


This year we also launched Reuters with NewsRoom*. With over 11,000 publications, newspapers, wires and journals, all of which are available to search from one interface on Westlaw UK, Reuters with NewsRoom gives you an unbiased insight into the day’s political, economic and financial developments.

Our advanced search technology enables you to search by individual publication or create your own content set from the multitude of sources available.

Through a network of journalists in over 190 offices and more than 130 countries, we spot developing trends and bring you the latest news as it unfolds worldwide. Our focus on business and political news means world-class coverage of companies, industries, economies and governments.


      • All News Plus wires with Reuters
      • UK News with Reuters
      • UK Broadsheets
      • European News with Reuters
      • Middle Eastern News with Reuters
      • Finance and Banking News with Reuters
      • Trade and industry sources

*Reuters with NewsRoom is available as an add-on to Westlaw UK.



A big thanks to everyone who gave us their views on how we should be developing our online services, Practical Law, Westlaw UK and Lawtel in our recent product development survey.

Respondents showed a strong preference in favour of us creating a more unified experience between our products and services, but many of you also said that continuing to enhance our products individually is important. View the survey results here.

We’ll be making a donation of £5,000 between three charities, based on the number of votes received in the survey. The donations are as follows:

    • £2,150 (43% of votes) to Kids Company
    • £1,900 (38% of votes) to Trussell Trust Foodbanks
    • £950 (19% of votes) to LawWorks

Didn’t get a chance to respond? You can still have your say. The survey is open for two more weeks, until 26 December 2013.

Take the survey here.