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Welcome to the new look What’s New on our new look website!

We are now featuring the What’s New on our website allowing you to view all the latest updates, enhancements, clues and cues anywhere any time. You can also catch up on our older editions in the archive section.

Along with the launch of our new marketing website, we’ve also been working hard to deliver you some exciting enhancements which are now live. We also thought we’d share a sneak peak at one of our biggest enhancements of the year, which is launching soon.

In this edition, we cover:

  • Westlaw UK’s new look website
  • New Journals on Westlaw UK
  • Family Law Hub on Westlaw UK
  • Localaw UK content on Westlaw UK
  • New Books & Looseleafs available
  • A sneak peak at Westlaw UK Insight (coming soon)


As well as all that, this month we focus on alerts in our Clues and Cues section and on mergers – a hot topic this year –  in the Current Awareness Corner.

As always, should you have any questions or comments please contact our Customer Training and Support Team on 0800 028 2200 or at customer.service@westlaw.co.uk


Enjoy the read!

The Westlaw UK team




Welcome to Westlaw UK’s new look marketing and pre-login website. We’ve stripped back the site to allow you to get to the information, videos and training you want faster and with less effort. Some benefits include:

  • Find the information you need quicker and easier with our clean and simple layout
  • Access all our factsheets with the options to view online, email, download and print
  • See all the book and looseleaf titles currently live and those coming soon in our Book & Looseleaf library
  • Get instant access to all our training and information videos
  • View all the latest information on our service including information on enhancements and events with our new What’s New section

We’ve tried to make the navigation as simple as possible, and with all the re-shuffling and re-arranging some aspects of the website have been slightly altered. Although no changes have been made to your Westlaw UK research service, we have moved the login options to a new clearer position.

We’ve gone into a more detail about the login changes below.


what's new


When logging in to Westlaw UK from westlaw.co.uk you will notice that the Login option is now featured in the top right- hand corner of your screen. Go to the top right of your screen and hover your cursor over the LOG IN TO YOUR SERVICE  button.


what's new



You will then notice a drop down box with two sections: Practitioners and Academic

Practitioner Options:

Westlaw UK (Previously NEW WESTLAW UK)
Westlaw UK Classic (Previously WESTLAW UK)

Academic Options:
Athens (Previously ACADEMIC ATHENS)
Organisation Name (Previously ACADEMIC ORGANISATION HOME)


what's new



Once you select you option you need you’ll be taken through to the usual login page. Please enter your details as you have in the past.

And ‘Hey Presto’ you’re in!



Coverage: Begins with 2010
Content Highlights: The Encyclopedia of Planning Law and Practice Monthly Bulletin contains an analysis section discussing the latest key developments in planning law and practice; a list of the new legislation, policy and guidance documents to be included in forthcoming releases of the Encyclopedia; and a detailed section of recent developments, cross-referenced to the relevant paragraph in the Encyclopedia, with a particular focus on important new case law. It concludes with a cumulative index of the cases referenced in the Bulletin during the last 12 months.



Coverage: Begins with 2012
Content Highlights: Authored by barristers from 4-5 Gray’s Inn Square the Bulletin is published between releases of the Encyclopedia of Local Government Law. It comprises analysis and commentary on latest cases, legislation and general developments and areas of interest in local government law. Published three times a year as part of the Encyclopedia of Local Government Law Looseleaf, the Bulletin features practical articles on topical subjects affecting local authorities.





Coverage: Begins with 2008
Content Highlights:The International Journal of Law and Management is a leading journal addressing all aspects of regulation and law as they impact on organisational development, operations and leadership. The journal seeks to present the latest research on policy, practice and theoretical perspectives and their impact on the development and leadership of organisations.



Coverage: Begins with 2012
Content Highlights:The Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law contains articles and notes from all fields of legal scholarship, including jurisprudence, European law, international and comparative law, as well as domestic UK law. The CJICL publishes two regular issues and a special UK Supreme Court review issue, which contains exclusive in-depth analysis of all UK Supreme Court cases issued in the preceding year.



Coverage: 2005 to 2011
Content Highlights:The Cambridge Student Law Review contains the very best in legal scholarship articles from academics, practitioners and students. The review contains articles and notes from all fields of legal scholarship, including jurisprudence, European law, international and comparative law, as well as domestic UK law.


Family Law has a new home on Westlaw UK

Family Law Hub is a resource built with the busy family law practitioner in mind. Providing highly useful content covering a wide range of areas within the field, it ensures that you have the tools you need to get the job done. Written by the highly acclaimed family law team at Mills & Reeve LLP and supplemented by 29 Bedford Row Chambers, the content is both reliable and of the highest quality.

It’s now available to you online via the Westlaw UK platform. What does this mean? Simply, it means fast searching, quick and easy access to the content you need as a family law practitioner and of course, increased efficiency.

what's new


Specialist Articles
A range of authoritative articles, added by expert contributors, bring you insights and comments on the latest developments in family law.

Case Notes
Updated fortnightly, these give you access to full text or extracts of key cases, with exclusive commentary provided by Mills & Reeve LLP.

News items give you the latest updates on practice-related developments, plus reports on local practice and business – to enable you to advise and plan your cases effectively.

Templates and Precedents
Model Letter templates and draft letters are ready for use in proceedings or communication with other parties, and Word versions are available so you can use and adapt them to your own requirements. Model Letters are reviewed by Mills & Reeve LLP team of specialists every six months.

Precedents are provided in the form of useful template clauses and ready-to-draft documents. These are available in both digital and Word format on Westlaw UK and can be downloaded for editing, drafting and guidance purposes. The precedents material is authored and reviewed by the Mills & Reeve LLP expert team every six months and updated on a regular basis.


Specialist content provided by Mills & Reeve LLP is exclusive to Family Law Hub, and is designed to be practical and accessible for the busy family lawyer. With legal aid cuts affecting family law practice, more firms are opting to offer fixed price family packages. Family Law Hub offers access to high-quality content that enables you to remain cost-efficient and effective.


Family Law Hub on Westlaw UK has powerful search functionality that allows you to search across all content at once, or with an Advanced Search, to specifically look for precedents and case notes that you’re interested in finding. And if you subscribe to other books or looseleafs on Westlaw UK, then you can extend your search to include that content as well.


Family Law Hub eliminates the need to go from resource to resource by providing all the information a family lawyer needs in one place, including family law know how added by expert contributors, that brings you insights on the latest developments in family law.

*Family Law Hub is available as an add-on to your Westlaw UK subscription.



From Compulsory Purchase to Road Traffic law and much more, Westlaw UK can now provide you with online access to the expert authority of Sweet & Maxwell’s Local Government Law Library (previously on Localaw UK).

The Local Government Law Encyclopedias on Westlaw UK enable you to search for and pinpoint the exact materials you need easily and effectively.

  • The platform is almost twice as fast at retrieving materials as Localaw UK
  • Westlaw UK offers direct links to consolidated primary law materials updated daily, so that your research is completely joined up and you can be sure you’re always looking at the latest version of the law
  • In addition, Westlaw UK provides a multitude of different ways to access relevant paragraphs from the text and then print, email or download them for use
  • The move to Westlaw UK also means that we can provide you with even more useful functionality such as links from the Release Bulletin directly into the updated content, an Index which mirrors the print version and pop-up footnotes alongside the text

what's new


Advanced Searching and Browsing

Users can fill in detailed templates to search across the entire text of the Encyclopedias or jump straight to a specific paragraph or index entry.

what's new


You can also browse easily to specific sections of the text.
Once you are in a relevant paragraph or chapter you can then print, email or download that text with a single click.

what's new


Linking to referenced materials

Each document is interlinked with referenced materials so that you can easily click to view cited documents. This is also the case if the material does not appear in the Encyclopedia. You can link to view cases and legislation from Westlaw UK’s primary law library and even from other Encyclopedias.

what's new

what's new


Index Searching

When you search by Index term, Westlaw UK will suggest what you might be looking for. Simply pick your term for the list and Westlaw UK will find every instance of that term or phrase in the Index.

what's new


Once Westlaw UK has found your search terms in the Index, you can easily pinpoint the exact entry you need by using the filtering terms on the right-hand side.

Then simply click to view that paragraph.

what's new

what's new


For additional help, we have online training available in the form of an interactive eLearning module. You can access it from here.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the move of the local government encyclopedias from Localaw UK to Westlaw UK, please don’t hesitate to contact your Account Manager or else contact our Customer Support and Training Team on 0800 028 2200 or email customer.service@westlaw.co.uk.


Westlaw UK Insight is an ever-evolving online legal encyclopaedia that will provide a comprehensive statement of the law in the United Kingdom. Covering England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and delivered via an intuitive topic-based interface, it will reflect the way today’s lawyers think, and provide succinct up-to-date, expert guidance on the law.

Critically, Westlaw UK Insight will provide you with a more practical way to begin your research and find the content that is most important to you – offering an entirely new experience to the service.

It’s the law explained; from broad overviews to detailed statements.
It’s the law by topic; search a specific subject or browse through many.
It’s the law interpreted and analysed by experts; insight from the smartest legal minds in the business.
It’s the law for everyone; no matter how much or how little you know about a subject, making it the perfect starting point.


what's new


  • An ever-evolving and growing online legal encyclopaedia, providing a detailed overview of the law in the UK
  • Arranged hierarchically, top level articles cover broad areas, lower level articles cover niche fields
  • Clean, fresh structure allows efficient and intuitive navigation of the law across topic and jurisdictions
  • Written by experts in the field including practitioners and academics – all overseen by Parliamentary Counsel
  • Created specifically for online, content is relevant, comprehensive and yet concise, and updated as the law changes
  • Direct links to any content on Westlaw UK that is referenced by an author, including books
  • Authored and automatically generated links to related cases and legislation
  • Integration with Twitter and LinkedIn allows users to share content and receive real-time updates to keep on top of all changes to the law
  • Ability to track topics or articles and be alerted via email when they have been updated

Look out for this brand new addition to your Westlaw UK service coming later this year!


Since our last What’s New, we’ve made six new titles available on the service, as well as adding a number of supplements. You can read about the new release of Chitty on Contracts (launched at the same time as the updates were published) as well as each of the new titles below.


 Encyclopedia of Compulsory Purchase and compensation
Practice Area: Contract Law
Author: Professor Hugh Beale
Format: Book online
Status: Live on Westlaw UK
The new edition of Chitty on Contracts is now available online on Westlaw UK. More than just a replica of the print, online, Westlaw UK adds powerful search and browse functionality that make finding the information you need quicker and easier.
  • Search by chapter, paragraph, subject, key word, form number or your own free text
  • Join up your research with direct links from Chitty to any cases, legislation or journals mentioned in the text
  • Download entire chapters in PDF
  • Access your own copy anywhere, any time
  • Consult one, consolidated version of the mainwork and supplements
  • Contents list and Index from the book are replicated online for familiarity


When it comes to contract law, Chitty on Contracts is the best foundation on which to base any case.

  • Provides you with the depth of insight you require, so you can confidently cite it in court
    Encompasses every part of contract law
  • Presents complete coverage of the law of contract, incorporating extensive reference to relevant legislation and recent case law
  • Is your most trustworthy reference when drafting, negotiating and disputing contracts
  • Analyses recent cases and legislation
  • Volume 1 contains interpretation and analysis of the general principles which apply to all contracts
  • Volume 2 concentrates in-depth on contracts in specialist areas, with expert guidance on contracts from agency and bailment to sale of goods and suretyship
  • Offers interpretation and advice on the law when disputes arise, or when technical areas need clarification, and when responsibilities, obligations and entitlements need to be established
  • Regularly supplemented so you have the latest information to hand
  • Written by leading experts in contract law



Encyclopedia of Compulsory Purchase and compensation
Practice Area: Planning Law
Author: Professor Eva Lomnicka; John L. Powell, QC
Format: Looseleaf onine
Status: Live on Westlaw UK


Helping you to understand this highly complex regulatory system, the Encyclopedia of Financial Services Law:

  • Provides section-by-section analysis of the implications of the Financial Services and Markets Act
  • Details the Orders and regulations made under the Act
  • Features the FSA Handbook
  • Includes the relevant rules of recognised investment exchanges and designated professional bodies
  • Enables speedy searching through full indexing, with cross-references for ease of use

Includes four updates each year to reflect changes in law and practice as they occur, and keeping you completely up-to-date on the new regulatory system under the Financial Services AuthorityMonitors the latest developments, including:

  • The new Financial Services Regulation Bill, due to receive Royal Assent by the end of year, and publication of a Government policy document
  • The new structure for prudential and conduct regulation that be operated internally by the FSA from 2 April in anticipation of the new regulatory bodies being in place from 2013



Encyclopedia of Compulsory Purchase and compensation
Practice Area: Planning Law
Author: Stephen Tromans; Robert Turrall-Clarke
Format: Looseleaf online
Status: Live on Westlaw UK


Dealing with all aspects of town and country planning, and specifically written to help you solve the problems you are likely to face in daily practice, Planning Law: Practice and Precedents:

  • Gives full explanation of the law and procedure
  • Includes an annual supplement containing an extensive range of forms and precedents
  • Provides comprehensive coverage by approaching each topic with both the applicant and local planning authority in mind
  • Explains the law and procedure relating to each topic in the narrative, with references to the relevant statutes, SIs, circulars, policy documents, cases and published planning appeal decisions
  • Deals with the practical issues that both private sector and local authority practitioners come across in their day-to-day work
  • Includes regular updates, ensuring that all coverage is current and reliable
  • Provides contents arranged in a logical, transaction-based order to reflect the way you work


Coverage in 2012 releases will include:

  • The draft National Policy Framework and its wide-ranging repercussions
  • The Localism Act and future strategic policy
  • Renewable energy, including wind turbines, wave and tidal power
  • Appeal procedures: navigating your way to a successful appeal
  • Judicial Review and High Court challenges continuing advice based on recent case law
  • Gypsy sites: reviewed government policy and consequential changes
  • Enforcement: the four-year and ten-year rule after Welwyn Hatfield
  • Housing: the future for housing and conflict with the Green Belt and undesignated countryside
  • Employment: the effects of PPS4 on proposals for employment generation



Encyclopedia of Compulsory Purchase and compensation
Practice Area: Insolvancy
Author: John Briggs; Chris Brougham, QC
Format: Looseleaf online
Status: Live on Westlaw UK


Muir Hunter on Personal Insolvency is the definitive reference work on personal insolvency. Containing the full text of all relevant legislation and insolvency rules, and reporting all relevant judgments, it provides comprehensive answers to the often-asked questions on this area.

  • A complete picture of the law as it stands
  • Expert interpretation of legislation, case law and court decisions
  • Three yearly updating releases inform subscribers of the latest developments in personal insolvency
  • Updated material to keep subscribers informed of the changes to personal insolvency legislation



Encyclopedia of Compulsory Purchase and compensation
Practice Area: Banking & Financial Services
Author: Peter Totty; Gabriel Moss, QC; Nick Segal
Format: Looseleaf online
Status: Live on Westlaw UK


As the definitive work on corporate insolvency, providing all the necessary explanation and analysis in this area, Insolvency:

  • Provides extensive coverage, including everything from basic introductory material to detailed advice on specific aspects of insolvency
  • Packages source material to show how the cold print of insolvency law and subsequent rules operate in daily practice
  • Offers workable solutions to everyday problems
  • Includes commentary on such complex areas as the disqualification of directors, wrongful trading, voluntary arrangements, appointment of administrators, and antecedent transactions
  • Discusses the Government Insolvency Service with special contributions from the Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform
  • Contains all the important source material – statutes, statutory instruments, guidance notes, forms, practical instructions, tables of destinations, derivations and special definitions
  • Reflects the continual flow of changes and developments affecting insolvency law and practice through an efficient updating service



what's new
Practice Area: Taxation Law
Format: Looseleaf online
Status: Live on Westlaw UK


This work provides a definitive analysis of the system of taxation in the UK as it affects land and buildings. Gammie & de Souza: Land Taxation:

  • Covers the whole range of transactions in land, and how the tax applies in each one
  • Incorporates other indirect taxes
  • Features analysis of court decisions, VAT tribunal explaining what these mean
  • Covers the whole range of transactions in land – showing how land taxes apply in each one
  • Sets out how the law applies to different classes of taxpayer
  • Takes into account tax planning considerations
  • Features regular updates that cover new legislation and judgments



Encyclopedia of Compulsory Purchase and compensation
Practice Area: Taxation Law
General Editors: Matthew Marsh; Zia Bhaloo; Members of Collyer-Bristow and Enterprise Chambers; Dechert LLP
Format: Looseleaf online
Status: Live on Westlaw UK


Providing a quick reference point on landlord and tenant law, whether commercial or residential tenancies, the Landlord and Tenant Factbook:

  • Sets out the law, practice and procedure, as well as including references to appropriate cases and legislation, tables of statutes and cases
  • Contains full explanation of each topic, along with key cases, legislation, precedents, tables and checklists
  • Gives you precedents for the principal Landlord and Tenant notices that may need to be served
  • Topics covered include rent review, repairs, alterations, business lease renewal, residential tenancies, agricultural holdings and service charges
  • Provides an extensive topic-based index, plus detailed sub-headings, enabling you to find information easily
  • Includes facts and figures, worked examples, checklists and forms


If you would like to be alerted when new books or looseleafs are launched on Westlaw UK, or when new editions or supplements are added, then you can sign up for our eUpdate.

This is sent out only on those weeks when any of the aforementioned content is released. Sign up here.

*Books and Looseleafs are available as add-ons to a Westlaw UK subscription


Full Annotations for the following recently passed Acts are available on Westlaw UK:

  • Welfare Reform (Further Provision) (Scotland) Act 2012 (asp 10)
  • Long Leases (Scotland) Act 2012 (asp 9)
  • Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Act 2012 (asp 8)


The following legacy Acts have been fully annotated since 30 June 2012 and are now available on Westlaw UK:

  • Health and Social Care (Reform) Act (Northern Ireland) 2009
  • Rates (Amendment) Act (Northern Ireland) 2009
  • Fraud Act 2006
  • Management of Offenders etc. (Scotland) Act 2005
  • Consumer Protection Act 1987


You can find more information on the Annotated Statutes Service here.

*Please note the Annotated Statutes service is available as an add-on to a current Westlaw UK subscription.



Westlaw UK Alerts make it easy to stay up-to-date with news and legal developments of interest to you.



The Create a New Alert feature allows you to use the powerful Westlaw UK taxonomy to create alerts which monitor Cases, Journals and Current Awareness for selected legal subjects.
To create a new alert, click on the Alerts link at the top of the Westlaw UK screen.

what's new



what's new


From the Alerts List page, click on the “Create a New Alert” button at the top left of the page. You will be taken to the Alert Creation screen where you can select the type of content and subject areas on which you wish to receive updates.


what's new


Once you have selected the content types and subject areas click on Next at the bottom of the screen. You will be taken to the Manage this alert page where you will be required to;

  • Name your Alert; this will help you identify different alerts on the Alerts List page
  • Enter a Client ID against which the alert will be recorded
  • Select how often you wish the alert to be delivered to you
  • Enter an email address to which you want the alert delivered. For delivery to multiple email addresses, separate each address with a semi-colon
  • Choose how you wish to receive the alert documents: if you select “All documents”, you will receive the full text of each document. If you select “Result List”, you will receive a results list which details all the documents and gives an overview of their content, from which you can link to the full text on Westlaw UK
  • You can also add IP authentication to an alert by entering your sponsor code on this screen. If you are unsure of your sponsor code please contact the Westlaw UK Customer Support desk. If you do not wish to add IP authentication please leave this option blank.
    Once you have modified your delivery settings click on Save Alert button at the bottom of the page to complete the alert set up

The maximum number of results an alert can deliver is 50 for an alert containing full text documents, 200 for news articles and 1000 for alerts delivering results list. If you wish to monitor multiple content types and subject areas consider creating multiple alerts concentrating on specific areas.


In addition to the Create a New Alert feature, alerts can also be created from a search result. This feature is particularly useful if you wish to monitor News sources or to create alerts on very specific subjects.

Begin by running a search in the normal way. In addition to search terms, use the browsing functionality to focus your search.


what's new

Once you have a result list you are happy with, click on the Save as Alert link at the top right hand corner of the screen. This will take you to the Manage this Alert page where you can set the delivery settings and save the alert.

Once the alert has been saved you will begin receiving your documents the next day, week or month depending on the delivery frequency selected.

You can select to save the search results as a Saved Search as opposed to being notified via email. When this notification option is chosen the Frequency, Email Address, File Format and IP Authentication options are greyed out.


what's new


To access any existing saved searches select Alerts from the top toolbar and click on Run Search.


The Case Alert feature on Westlaw UK makes it possible for you to set up entries to automatically monitor the status of a particular case and sends you updates when information relating to that case changes.

To create a Case Alert, go to the Case Analysis document, full text document or Graphical History for the desired case and click on the Create Case Alert link at the top right hand corner of the screen.

what's new


This will take you to the Manage this Alert page where you can set the delivery settings and save the alert.


what's new



To modify your alerts, click on the Alerts link at the top of the Westlaw UK page to display your alerts list. From this page you can edit the content and subject of the alert, change delivery options and update e-mail addresses for existing alerts.


To edit an alert created from a search select the alert you wish to edit from the Alerts List, click on Edit and you will be presented with the search template from which the alert was created, with the original search terms pre-populated in the search template. From here you can edit the search terms and then run the search and click Save as Alert


what's new

To edit an alert created from Create an Alert page select the alert you wish to edit from the Alerts Listand click Edit. You will be taken to the Create Alert screen with your selection pre-populated. From here you can edit both the content type and subject.
You also have the option to replace an existing alert or to create a new alert from this page.


what's new

You can also suspend or delete existing alerts.


what's new


Clicking on the Suspend link will stop delivery of an alert; this can be for a set period or indefinitely. A suspended alert can be reactivated by clicking on the Reactivate button next to the alert name on the Alerts List. Clicking on the Delete button will permanently remove the alert from your Alerts List.

If you have any questions regarding Alerts please feel free to contact the Customer Training and Support Team on 0800 028 2200 or e-mail customer.service@westlaw.co.uk



This month we are focusing on ”Mergers”*

    • State of the unions – Losing track of who’s merged with whom in the UK legal market? The Lawyer’s handy guide to the key tie-ups of the past 18 months will help…click here
    • Majority of top firms eyeing growth through merger as ABSs appear on the radar…click here
    • Chairman’s Guidance on Disclosure of Information in Merger Inquiries and Market Investigations…click here

Recent related cases*

  • Ryanair Holdings Plc v Office of Fair Trading…click here
  • British Sky Broadcasting Group Plc v Virgin Media Inc…click here


*Please note if you access Westlaw UK via IP authentication, you will need a live session to be open for the links above to work.



Westlaw UK Workouts are 40-minute training sessions tailored to specific practice areas. Our trainers can guide you through a step-by-step demonstration on your chosen area using all the relevant content and tools. They will also be happy to answer any of your questions along the way.

Training can be taken from home, the office, or anywhere you have internet access and a telephone line.
To view a full schedule of the upcoming sessions and register, visit the Westlaw UK training pages here.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Customer Training and Support Team on
0800 028 2200 or e-mail customer.service@westlaw.co.uk




As always, should you have any questions on any of the above please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Training and Support Team on 0800 028 2200 or e-mail customer.service@westlaw.co.uk



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