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Westlaw UK What’s New – December 2012


Welcome to our final What’s New for 2012. We’re excited to announce that, Westlaw UK Insight is now live! This is the beginning of our brand new online legal encyclopedia and it is one of the biggest enhancements to launch on Westlaw UK in a number of years.

Along with Westlaw UK Insight this month sees some great enhancements and additions to Westlaw UK including:.

  • Launch of IDS Employment Law Brief on Westlaw UK available as an add-on
  • 8 new book & looseleafs titles have gone live
  • Westlaw UK Annotated Statute updates

Now we have launched, to get you up and running with all the benefits and features straight away,  this month we focus on Westlaw UK Insight in our Clues and Cues section. And in the Current Awareness Corner, we look at the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012

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Enjoy the read,

The Westlaw UK team




Westlaw UK Insight is the start of a new, dynamic and ever-expanding online legal encyclopedia.
Intuitively arranged by topic and with direct links to key related content, it enables you to quickly find solutions to your clients’ issues. With succinct, up-to-date and expert guidance on the law, Insight is the perfect starting point for your legal research.

Westlaw UK Insight provides users with a more practical way to begin their research and find the content that is most important to them – offering an entirely new research experience.

Westlaw UK Insight home page


Westlaw UK Insight articles are easy to absorb.

A logical structure allows efficient and intuitive navigation of the law across topic and jurisdictions.

Created specifically for online, content is relevant, comprehensive yet concise, and updated as the law changes.


Westlaw UK Insight increases your understanding of the law.

Authoritative articles ensure that you’re in the know when you need to be. Haven’t dealt with Finance law for a while?

Let the best finance minds give you a refresher and then keep you updated on any changes.


Westlaw UK Insight is simple to use.

Search or browse through the topics displayed on the Insight homepage. Top level articles cover broad areas. They act like signposts, pointing you to the lower level articles that cover more specific fields. The deeper you go, the more information you’ll find.


Westlaw UK Insight connects you to the content you need.

Contributors provide direct links to related content referenced in their articles. This could be content on Westlaw UK or in external sources.

Westlaw UK Insight also automatically generates links to key cases and legislation, to make sure you’re fully connected to the content you need.


Westlaw UK Insight increases your responsiveness.

It helps you get up to speed with a point of law quickly, ensuring you can respond to client enquiries in less time. Leaving you with more time to focus on high-value or core aspects of a case.


Westlaw UK Insight keeps you current.

Integration with Twitter and LinkedIn allows you to share content and receive real-time updates to keep on top of changes to the law.


Westlaw UK Insight can be personalised.

Keep a closer eye on topics of interest by using the “Watch” feature. A watched topic gets added to your Insight homepage so that you can access it instantly.

Plus it will alert you to any updates using an status icon.


Westlaw UK Insight keeps you up to date with changes to the law.

A ‘Latest Updates’ section on the Insight homepage lists all articles that have recently been amended or added.

You can also set up alerts on specific articles to be emailed when they get updated following changes to the law.


Westlaw UK Insight improves your productivity.

It saves you time  wading through search results or huge textbooks. Rather than have a legal researcher review all primary sources and develop a brief on a statement of law for a particular issue, Westlaw UK Insight will do it all for you.


Westlaw UK Insight is information you can trust.

Insight is written by experts in the field including leading solicitors, barristers and academics – all overseen by Parliamentary Counsel – meaning you have the brightest minds in the business teaching, updating and informing you all day, every day.


You may have noticed that the Index of Legal Terms link on the Westlaw UK homepage has now been replaced. The link is now located on the right-hand side of the Books & Looseleafs page. Just click on the Books tab.

Westlaw UK Insight home page



The articles in Westlaw UK Insight are all written by experts in the field. If you are interested in contributing articles and getting involved in this exciting project, or just for more information, please contact us here.


Westlaw UK Insight home page

Brief | Employment Law Cases | Current Awareness

IDS Employment Law Brief on Westlaw UK makes it easy for you to stay on top of major developments in employment law from unfair dismissal to annual leave, and enables you to conduct detailed employment law research more quickly than ever. We provide clear advice on the law and how it applies in practice from a source you know you can trust: the in-house team of specialist employment lawyers at IDS.

At the heart of the service is the IDS Employment Law Brief journal, an unrivalled source of employment law current awareness for over 40 years, and now available as a full-text journal on Westlaw UK. Providing a mix of case reports, editorials, and in-depth articles, it ensures that you keep abreast of all the key developments in this rapidly evolving practice area.

The service also includes IDS Employment Law Cases (ELCs), a unique collection of over 4,000 case reports. ELC reports are updated and revised on an ongoing basis in the light of later judgments and legislative developments.

Both the Brief journal and Employment Law Cases feature extensive cross-linking and in-line linking to primary law resources such as legislation and case analysis documents. They also come with the wide-range of delivery methods you expect from Westlaw UK.

You can also keep up to speed with the IDS take on the very latest employment law news. Written and selected by the in-house team at IDS, you can be sure that they’re worth knowing about.

All this is now available to add on to your Westlaw UK subscription.


IDS Employment Law Brief Journal
IDS Employment Law Brief offers expert guidance on the wider implications of new judgments and legislation, flagging up trends in employment litigation and practice. We also offer detailed analysis of specific areas of employment law, giving you expert advice on the latest developments and also round up decisions that serve as useful illustrations of the practical effect of the law in a particular area.

IDS Employment Law Cases
IDS Employment Law Cases is a collection of over 4,000 case reports with detailed commentaries. The reports are continually updated in light of new developments in case law and legislation and are arranged in an extensive taxonomy that helps you to hone in on a specific legal point.

IDS Current Awareness
News stories, authored by the IDS team, which cover the latest case law, policy and legislative developments as they happen. These are found under the Current Awareness tab.


  • Contracts of employment
  • Discrimination
  • Dispute resolution
  • Employment protection
  • Employment status
  • Equal pay
  • Maternity and parental rights
  • Part-time, fixed-term and agency work
  • Practice and procedure
  • Privacy and monitoring
  • Redundancy and insolvency
  • Trade unions and collective rights
  • Transfer of undertakings
  • Unfair dismissal
  • Wages
  • Whistleblowing
  • Working time and holiday

What does this mean for you?
In short, it means the combination of first class employment law guidance with a fast, seamless and intuitive research experience.

*IDS Employment Law Brief is available as an add-on to a current Westlaw UK subscription. Please speak to your account manager for more details.


Since our last What’s New, we’ve made six new titles available on the service, as well as adding a number of supplements. You can read about the new release of Chitty on Contracts (launched at the same time as the updates were published) as well as each of the new titles below.


Encyclopedia of Compulsory Purchase and compensation
Practice Area: Arbitration
Author: Professor Fraser Davidson
Format: Book online
Status: Live on Westlaw UK


In the highly regarded SULI series, arbitration provides a comprehensive account of the Scots law of arbitration following the groundbreaking Arbitration (Scotland) Act 2010. Expert author Professor Fraser Davidson covers all aspects of the law, not merely domestic but international arbitration, conducted in Scotland. His work here stretches beyond a simple account of the 2010 Act since one of its features is that parties to certain arbitrations can choose to be governed by the pre-Act law. The book covers the full spectrum of arbitration law as it applies in Scotland, including the UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration. There is no more current and comprehensive work for the arbitration professional working in Scotland.



Encyclopedia of Compulsory Purchase and compensation
Practice Area: Scottish Law
General Editors: Professor Hector MacQueen; The Right Hon Lord Eassie
Format: Book online
Status: Live on Westlaw UK


First published in 1927 Gloag and Henderson is quite simply, the work of reference on the law of Scotland. It is unique in providing the complete Scots private law library in one volume, with no other single legal title in Scotland offering the same kind of coverage.

From the outset it was distinguished by the clarity and accessibility of its coverage. The development of Scots law in the twentieth century can be traced through succeeding editions of the textbook.

As with previous editions, legislative changes have affected many of the topics included in Gloag and Henderson. This new edition incorporates all relevant changes in the law since the last edition in 2007. The delict section has been restructured significantly.



Encyclopedia of Compulsory Purchase and compensation
Practice Area: Banking & Financial Services
Author: Professor Hal S Scott; Professor Anna Gelpern
Format: Book online
Status: Live on Westlaw UK

This essential reference work provides you with a detailed overview of the law and regulation of international finance, including banking, securities, derivatives and foreign exchange. The book provides an overview of the key international finance centres, with in-depth commentary analysis of the global and Euro financial crises. It covers regulatory developments since the economic crisis of 2008, helping you to stay on top of the regulatory changes and it also considers the impact of rapidly emerging economies such as China.

  • Provides an authoritative introduction to international finance, transactions, policy, and regulations
  • Looks in detail at the continuing evolution of banking and capital market regulation in the major markets
  • Divided into 5 clear sections for ease of reference:
  • The international aspects of major domestic markets
  • Infrastructure for financial markets
  • Instruments and offshore markets
  • Emerging markets
  • The fighting of terrorism
  • Introduces you to financial concepts and transactions and goes on to deal with the complexities of international finance, approaching the topic from the perspective of government policy and regulation
  • Covers the impact of international finance events such as the collapse of Enron and Lehman Brothers



Encyclopedia of Compulsory Purchase and compensation
Practice Area: Company Law
Authors: Sean FitzGerald; Graham Muth
Format: Book online
Status: Live on Westlaw UK


Shareholders’ Agreements Provides practical guidance on the nature and effect of shareholders’ agreements and articles of association.

  • Offers in-depth analysis on the key components of shareholders’ agreements and articles of association, enabling you to draft these documents with confidence
  • Discusses the ramifications of the Bribery Act 2010 and the Companies Act 2006 on shareholders’ agreements and articles of association
  • Analyses the elements of joint ventures and property joint ventures so you are aware of the possible structures and have the tools you need to draft the relevant documents
  • Provides information on taxation considerations in relation to this area
  • Reflects recent changes in market practice in private equity transactions
  • Covers the theory behind partnership structures
  • Explains boilerplate provisions
  • Offers expert commentary on option agreements and warrants with detailed drafting notes, so you can draft these types of agreements and are aware of the key issues
  • Includes a CD-ROM of all precedents for easy drafting

Encyclopedia of Social Services and Child Care Law

Encyclopedia of Compulsory Purchase and compensation
Practice Area: Family & Social Welfare Law
General Editor: Richard Jones
Format: Looseleaf online
Status: Live on Westlaw UK

Provides clear explanation of the law relating to the care of children and vulnerable adults and social services. The area of social services has been subject to rapid and far-reaching changes in recent years. The Encyclopedia of Social Services and Child Care Law exists to monitor these changes, and is unique in the scope of its material.

  • Presents authoritative interpretation of legislation and assessment of relevant cases
  • Covers children, wardship, adoption, community care, mental health and social services authorities
  • Deals with international elements
  • Sets out detailed guidance on the procedure to follow in courts and tribunals – supported by critical analysis
  • Details the legal position of those who are in receipt of social services provision
  • Identifies the legal powers of local authority social services departments
  • Reproduces statutory material, codes of practice and circulars
  • Looks at the interface between social service law and health care law and the complexities that this can create
  • Chapters are separated into convenient sections, each with its own mini-table of contents, statutes, delegated legislation, practice and procedure (including practice directions), Codes of Practice and circulars
  • Current developments are carefully monitored and incorporated into the Encyclopedia via three updating releases per year including practice directions, Codes of Practice and circulars
  • Family Law Bulletin: subscribers receive this publication as part of the service. Each issue gives an overview of developments in family law ensuring you are always up to date


Encyclopedia of Consumer Credit Law

Encyclopedia of Compulsory Purchase and compensation
Practice Area: Banking & Financial Services
General Editors: Professor Eva Lomnicka; Professor Paul Dobson
Format: Looseleaf online
Status: Live on Westlaw UK

Bringing you unrivalled and expert commentary on all of the relevant statutes and statutory instruments, the Encyclopedia of Consumer Credit Law:

    • Includes full coverage of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and its interpretation through the courts
    • Sets out in full all statutory provisions, along with comprehensive annotations
    • Enables quick and accurate searching through full indexing and cross-references
    • Provides immediate access to the essential information, enabling you to provide your clients with immediate guidance and advice, saving you endless research time
    • Keeps you fully abreast of essential legislation through two updating releases a year, providing details of new and important developments in the field

Changes covered in forthcoming releases will include:

  • Measures implementing the Consumer Credit Directive (which came into force on February 1 2011)
  • Changes as a result of Review of Consumer Credit Law and the new Financial Services Regulation Bill, which is expected to receive Royal Assent by the end of 2012


Renton & Brown Statutory Offences

Encyclopedia of Compulsory Purchase and compensation
Practice Area: Criminal Law, Scottish Laww
Author: N/A
Format: Looseleaf online
Status: Live on Westlaw UK

The number of offences created by statute has increased dramatically in recent years and this trend is likely to continue. Until now, there has been no single source bringing together details of offences created by an Act or statutory instrument.
Renton & Brown’s Statutory Offences comprises two looseleaf volumes providing Scotland’s criminal law practitioners with an ideal companion to both Renton & Brown’s Criminal Procedure Sixth Edition and Renton & Brown’s Criminal Procedure Legislation.
This looseleaf brings together the legislation which create statutory offences, with authoritative annotations. The flexible looseleaf format allows for the inclusion of new statutory offences created by the Scottish Parliament and updating of annotations. In the practical looseleaf style, this is the first book or looseleaf to deal with this continually growing area.


United Kingdom Oil and Gas

Encyclopedia of Compulsory Purchase and compensation
Practice Area: Energy Law
General Editors: Geoff Hewitt; Terence C. Daintith
Format: Looseleaf online
Status: Live on Westlaw UK

Giving you commentary on the law for these energy markets the looseleaf United Kingdom Oil & Gas Law:

  • Provides you with an authoritative account of the law relating to the exploration, production, offshore pipeline transportation and sale of domestically produced oil and gas
  • Covers UK, EU and international regulation
  • Explains the nature and best ways to draft international agreements
  • Covers the UK statutes and SIs relating to oil and gas law as well as the UK tax statutes
  • Provides you with the relevant EC materials so you can refer to them
  • Keeps you up to date with three updating releases a year

If you would like to be alerted when new books or looseleafs are launched on Westlaw UK, or when new editions or supplements are added, then you can sign up for our eUpdate.

This is sent out only on those weeks when any of the aforementioned content is released. Sign up here.

*Books and Looseleafs are available as add-ons to a Westlaw UK subscription


Full Annotations for the following recently passed Acts are available on Westlaw UK:

  • European Union (Approval of Treaty Amendment Decision) Act
  • Infrastructure (Financial Assistance) Act
  • Local Government Finance Act
  • Mental Health (Approval Functions) Act
  • Acts of the Welsh Assembly
  • National Assembly for Wales (Official Languages) Act
  • Local Government Byelaws (Wales) Act


The following legacy Acts have been fully annotated and are now available on Westlaw UK:

  • Budget Act (Northern Ireland) 2007
  • Charities Act (Northern Ireland) 2008

*Please note the Annotated Statutes service is available as an add-on to a current Westlaw UK subscription.


Westlaw UK Insight

Westlaw UK Insight is an ever-expanding online legal encyclopaedia providing a comprehensive statement of UK law, for the modern lawyer. Covering England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and delivered via a topic-based interface, it reflects the way today’s lawyers think, providing up-to-date, expert guidance on the law.

Insight is the perfect starting point when researching on Westlaw UK. With areas of law introduced and explained, you can gain an overview and learn how to best apply it to your case. Insight’s intelligent technology allows seamless linking to Westlaw UK‘s case reports, legislation, books and journals cited in articles, assisting you to become more productive, efficient and successful.

Feel safe in the knowledge that you are receiving the most current and expert information attainable and with real-time alerts available via Twitter, LinkedIn and email, you will always know when new content or updates are live on Westlaw UK.
Westlaw UK Insight can be found on the first tab of the main navigation bar on Westlaw UK


A great starting point for solving problems, when you don’t know where to begin – Westlaw UK Insight combines the power of technology with deep expertise and understanding of the law. Arranged hierarchically by subject matter, Westlaw UK Insight facilitates efficient and intuitive navigation of the law across jurisdictions. Rather than searching, you have the option to browse through all topics. Just click on the + icon to view the topics sub-categories, allowing you to research in more detail.



Like Cases, Legislation, and Journals on Westlaw UK, searching Insight is made easy.

Westlaw UK insight includes intuitive searching via our suggested terms dropdown box. Suggested terms can help you identify a legal concept or term quickly as well as find terms that match your search criteria, or related terms that you may need to know about.



Once you have entered your search, a results list will display a simple and clear set of articles.

You have the option to Show Terms in Context, allowing you to see how your search appears in each result.

Westlaw UK Insight search results are returned with the most relevant result at the top, but you can also sort all results by A to Z list.


Once you select a result, you then come to the Article page.

Articles are structured in a way that allows you to quickly read and absorb the facts , then link directly to related materials to read further around the subject.

Through this succinct, up-to-date expert guidance on the law, you’ll be able to find the information you need more quickly.


Created specifically for online, Westlaw UK Insight is designed to be relevant, comprehensive and yet concise.

Links throughout each topic direct you quickly and clearly to essential case law, statutory material, key concepts and areas of complexity/change.

Each article also has a link through to the Authors Biography, as well as links to blogs and websites where applicable.

All Insight articles are written by experts in their field – both practitioners and academics.

Westlaw UK Insight is integrated with social media. This means you can share any article via LinkedIn or Twitter using the buttons at the top of the page.

The Westlaw UK Twitter feed is also built into Insight, and we’ll be tweeting when articles are updated to ensure that our followers are kept updated on changes to the law.

You can personalise Westlaw UK Insight to make it easier to keep track of the topics that interest you.
Simply click the ‘Watch’ button at the top of an article and it will be added to a Watched Topics section on your Insight homepage.



Next time you log in you’ll know when an article has been updated by the icon next to the topic button.

You can also set up alerts to be emailed when an article is updated or build updates into your Outlook, Lotus Notes or intranet via RSS feeds.

You can add any article to your Folders and there are the usual options to save, email and print.

If you have any questions regarding Westlaw UK Insight please feel free to contact the Customer Training and Support Team on 0800 028 2200 or e-mail customer.service@westlaw.co.uk



Westlaw UK Workouts are 40-minute training sessions tailored to specific practice areas. Our trainers can guide you through a step-by-step demonstration on your chosen area using all the relevant content and tools. They will also be happy to answer any of your questions along the way.

Training can be taken from home, the office, or anywhere you have internet access and a telephone line.
To view a full schedule of the upcoming sessions and register, visit the Westlaw UK training pages here.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Customer Training and Support Team on
0800 028 2200 or e-mail customer.service@westlaw.co.uk


We value feedback from our customers as we constantly strive to improve our products. In particular we want to better understand how you use our case content and what elements you value most, to ensure that the service we provide continues to meet your needs.We would be very grateful if you could spare a few minutes to complete this short survey. Your feedback will be invaluable in the future development of our cases service on Westlaw UK and Lawtel.All entries will be anonymous unless you choose to submit your contact details for further research.If you would like to participate, please do so before Friday 21 December.Click here to begin the survey.




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