Regulatory and Guidance materials on Westlaw UK

Go above, beyond and behind primary law without leaving Westlaw UK.

What are Regulatory and Guidance materials?

Regulatory and Guidance materials are typically issued by official bodies or non-governmental organisations to provide additional documented guidance and information on how the law is implemented or interpreted in practice.


The wide coverage of documentation, which seamlessly links to primary legal materials, provides you with access to materials directly relevant to you. Westlaw UK contains the following Regulatory and Guidance Material dating back to 1995:

  • Circulars
  • Codes of Practice
  • Command Papers
  • Consultative Documents
  • European Materials
  • Guidance Notes
  • HMRC Manuals
  • International Materials
  • Non official and Official Publications
  • Parliamentary Papers
  • Practice Directions
  • Reports


Bills on Westlaw UK

Identify, prepare and foresee potential changes in enacted legislation with Westlaw UK from Thomson Reuters.

We pride ourselves on our first-class Westlaw UK legislation service and our expert editorial team. What’s more, the coverage of our Bills service is unrivalled, including all Westminster Government bills and Westminster private member bills that reach The Second House.

Bills: amended text

Westlaw UK already allows users to prepare for future legislative changes by offering prospective law with our unique versioning functionality. Our Bills team have taken this a step further by allowing users to access a Bill Amended version of a provision. Amendments from Bills will be incorporated into special versions of enacted legislation, so that you can see how the law will read if the Bill receives Royal Assent, and as the Bill evolves so will the amended version. Combining research and current awareness, this one-of-akind enhancement bridges the gap between two core areas of Westlaw UK; bills and legislation and provides a forward thinking, holistic approach to pending legislation.

Bills: tracking and overview

After helping users to use complex legislation and listening to their needs, we have introduced a tracking page for each Bill, with access to the full text at each stage and the clear status and amendment information users are familiar with. Bringing this wealth of legislative content into a central location gives users unparalleled visibility of the legislative process. Once you’ve found a Bill of interest, you can use the fully navigable table of contents to review key clauses and uniquely, link to amended legislation. In addition to our fully consolidated legislation, you will be alerted if a Bill has the potential to amend a provision you’re viewing so you can now horizon-scan in the course of every day research.


Weekly Law Reports

Westlaw UK’s unique analysis and cases search functionality allows us to present the most authoritative sources first, and is complemented by law reports from Sweet & Maxwell and carefully selected series from other publishers.

With over 60 years of “The Weeklys” already available in Westlaw UK, we expanded the library with the addition of Volume 4 in early 2016. This new volume covers cases which don’t meet the strict reporting criteria of The Law Reports but which are considered insightful and instructive in that they helpfully illustrate the application of existing principles to particular situations or summarise established law.

ICLR renewal

We have extended our long-standing partnership with The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting (ICLR) for the next five years, ensuring that the most authoritative reporting series continues to be available alongside Westlaw UK’s best of breed case analysis.

New titles

In addition to the regular updates, we digitised several key titles, bringing the total of commentary titles in the Westlaw UK library to nearly 300. New titles include:

  • Gee on Commercial injunctions
  • Rooks & Ward: Sexual Offences
  • Russell, Clarke & Howe on Industrial Designs
  • Powers of Attorney