Regulatory and Guidance Materials

Regulatory and Guidance Materials

Westlaw UK’s Regulatory and Guidance Material allows you to expand your Legal research beyond Primary Law to help you dig deeper into a particular area.

Our wide range of coverage from selected HMRC Manuals to Guidance Notes gives you a huge amount of information at your fingertips,while our seamless linking to primary legal materials enables you to find the content that is most relevant to you.

With Government websites continually updating and changing,Westlaw UK’s Regulatory and Guidance Material content offer in-house documents back to 2010 for selected content (see coverage below). This archive will continue to expand so that we can bring you the most reliable and relevant content possible.



The Regulatory and Guidance Material homepage houses all kinds of different materials which contain in-house documents where available. Our archive content will continue to grow but currently it includes:

  • Circulars since 1995 (with in-house documents since 2010*)
  • Codes of Practice since 1995 (with in-house documents since 2010*)
  • Command Papers since 1995 (with in-house documents since 2010*)
  • Consultative Documents since 1995
  • European Materials since 1995
  • Guidance Notes since 1995 (with in-house documents since 2010*)
  • International Materials since 1995
  • Non official and Official Publications since 1995 (some with in-house documents since 2010*)
  • Parliamentary Papers since 1995
  • Practice Directions since 1995
  • Reports since 1995

* In house documents are provided where copyright allows.

HMRC Manuals

Currently we have six HMRC Manuals that are updated daily sothat they accurately reflect the manuals as they stand today.These manuals can be browsed and searched against, while we willalso increase this coverage as we are looking to include all themanuals in the near future.

Crown Copyright

All material under the Regulatory and Guidance service is covered by the Open Government Licence and is reproduced with the permission of the Controller of HMSO and the Queen’s Printer for Scotland.


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