Energy Law

Gas and LNG Sales and Transportation Agreements provides a detailed hands-on guide to the drafting, negotiation and interpretation of natural gas and LNG sales and transportation contracts. Now in its 4th edition, it explains the critical components of the agreements that set out the terms between buyers, sellers, transporters and shippers, leading to the sale and transportation of gas and LNG.

  • Pinpoints the key issues and suggests solutions to problems that can arise
  • Identifies the legal and commercial issues involved at each stage, from quality specification and force majeure to liabilities/limitations and dispute resolution, and advises how they should be handled in the contract
  • Provides discussion on the commercialisation of natural gas in light of recent concerns about climate change, cleaner energy sources and the security of energy supplies
  • Includes expertly drafted precedents, also on a CD-ROM for rapid drafting
  • Written from the perspective of English law but in the light of international experience and practice

New in the 4th edition:

• General update on legal and commercial developments
• Increased focus on LNG sales and transportation arrangements
• Specific focus on shale and unconventional gas sales
• Additional precedent drafting for gas and LNG project contracts

Whatever area you work in – development, finance or research – our new title can help you understand the ins and outs of nuclear energy law.

Covering the legislative and regulatory framework for the development of nuclear power programmes and the procurement, construction and financing of nuclear new build project, The Law of Nuclear Energy is designed to give you an all-inclusive overview of the subject.

Author Helen Cook considers current and future trends and developments in nuclear energy law.

This new title:

  • Examines the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) guidelines
  • Covers the content of international and national nuclear energy law and gives insight into possible future development to existing legislative and regulatory infrastructure
  • Discusses how to implement the obligations contained in the international treaties and conventions at a national level
  • Examines cross-border issues such as nuclear liability and export controls
  • Covers the procurement phase for nuclear construction
  • Describes the construction process and key contractual provisions, including licensing and permitting, dispute management and avoidance
  • Discusses small modular nuclear reactors, including the potential benefits and legal challenges
  • Considers traditional and new approaches to nuclear financing
  • Considers future issues in nuclear law, including in response to new nuclear technologies and the Fukushima accident

Giving you commentary on the law for these energy markets the looseleaf United Kingdom Oil & Gas Law:

  • Provides you with an authoritative account of the law relating to the exploration, production, offshore pipeline transportation and sale of domestically produced oil and gas
  • Covers UK, EU and international regulation
  • Explains the nature and best ways to draft international agreements,
  • Covers the UK statutes and SIs relating to oil and gas law as well as the UK tax statutes
  • Provides you with the relevant EC materials so you can refer to them
  • Keeps you up to date with three updating releases a year