Linking from Practical Law to Westlaw UK
Linking from Practical Law to Westlaw UK

Linking from Practical Law to Westlaw UK


You’re working on an important case for your client. Practical Law has all the legal know how and practical guidance you need. But what if you need to know more?

Practical Law has direct links to relevant cases and legislation on Westlaw UK. Instantly see the status of a case or provision. View pending amendments and jurisdictional versions. You can even time travel with point-in-time searching to see how a piece of legislation looked at a certain date in the past or how it is likely to look in the future with our prospective law icon.  Need to know even more?

Link from a case or piece of legislation directly to authoritative commentary from Sweet & Maxwell via Books on Westlaw UK. See what expert authors have to say from our list of over 180 legal books online.

Practical Law & Westlaw UK – One click. One complete picture.

We know that when looking at Practical Law’s legal know how it’s also important to be able to see the full text of the case or legislation that’s referenced.

That’s why we’ve created direct links from one service to the other. So there’s no need to go searching elsewhere, just click on the reference in Practical Law to be taken directly to the relevant document on Westlaw UK where your legal research can continue without breaking your train of thought.

The image below shows a working example of how you might link from Practical Law through to a case on Westlaw UK, and further again to a Sweet & Maxwell title that has also been referenced in the case.


See a preview of the practical guide to Freezing orders – available online with a Practical Law subscription
See a preview of the JSC BTA Bank v Ablyazov case analysis – available online with a Westlaw UK subscription
See a preview of the White Book 2014 – published by Sweet & Maxwell – available online with a Westlaw UK subscription

Wherever Practical Law’s experienced team have anticipated that you will need to dig more deeply, they have provided “in context links” to Westlaw UK.

The merit of each link has been carefully considered and takes you directly to the underlying consolidated case law and legislation.



1. See the status of a case
Icons appear at the top of each case document, so you can instantly tell the status of that case.

2. Case Analysis documents
Case Analysis documents provide all information needed in the first instance, such as a case summary, where it’s reported, appellate history and status, and direct links to all related content to save you time having to source it. Our Legal Editors highlight the key cases cited and citing the case, as well as key legislation cited to save you time going through the Table of Authorities.

Descriptive analysis documents are available for UK, Scottish and EU case law decisions (dating back to 1220 for UK and 1954 for EU). They set a case in its wider context offering links to connected cases, legislation, journals and commentary titles.


Set up Case Alerts
You can set up alerts relating to the case you are interested in by clicking on the Create Case Alert icon in the top right of the screen. You can choose to be notified when any of the following happen:

  • The case has changed status
  • The appeal status of the case has changed
  • Another case has been heard between the same parties on a different point of law
  • The case has been cited by another case
  • The case has been referenced in a journal article


Link further into the case
Linking through to Westlaw UK also gives you seamless access to further case links, via the blue left hand navigation panel. From here you can go deeper into the case, linking to the following sources which cite the case:

  • Journal Articles
  • Books & Looseleafs
  • Insight



Legislation analysis documents, designed for online research provide all information pertinent to a provision with seamless links to related content.

Some benefits of linking to legislation on Westlaw UK include:

1. Arrangement of Act and SI documents
Allowing you to easily navigate to any provision, part or schedule from one document.

2. Interpretive commentary
View interpretive commentary of provision (if available) including:

  • Pepper v Hart notes
  • General notes
  • Questions and Answers on ambiguities
  • Extracts from citing cases, explanatory notes and other reports

3. See the status of a provision
View the current status of a provision (in force, partially in force, not yet in force, superseded, prospective, repealed, amendments pending) with our status icons to quickly identify the relevant provisions of a piece of legislation.

4. View pending amendments
Immediately identify if there are pending amendments, with the date they will take effect, and see how the prospective version could look.

5. See into the past
Access historical versions of the provision.

6. Jurisdictional versions
You have the option to view jurisdictional versions, including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (where applicable).

7. Link further into the provision
Linking through to Westlaw UK also gives you seamless access to further provision links, via the legislation analysis document. From here you can go deeper into the provision, linking to:

  • The Arrangement of the Act of Part – putting the provision into context
  • Cases citing your provision
  • Journal articles citing your provision
  • Other relevant, related and delegated legislation
  • Relevant EU materials
  • Books & Looseleafs
  • Insight

8. Download / Save / E-mail / PDF
You also have the options to download, save or email the provision as well as downloading the PDF of the fully updated consolidated Act.

Hear how other solicitors, librarians and knowledge managers use Westlaw UK everyday and how it helps them to:

  • work faster and smarter
  • broaden their reading and their research
  • advise with total confidence


Case Study

Andrew Hayes
Finance Director – Partner
TWM Solicitors LLP

“I would highly recommend Westlaw UK. Everyone’s very pleased with it as it meets all of our needs, is easy to use and it offers value for money.”

TWM Solicitors LLP is a leading South East law firm providing a full range of services to individuals and businesses. The firm recently switched to Westlaw UK as one of its legal research providers. We spoke to Andrew Hayes, the firm’s Finance Director and a Partner, to find out why TWM Solicitors made the switch – and how they found it.

Read the entire case study


Customer Testimonial

Ewan Stafford
Macleod & MacCallum
“Both Practical Law and Westlaw UK offer fantastic service and I would consider them to be indispensible for any practitioner.”


Caroline Cleveley
Head of Information Services
Addleshaw Goddard LLP
“We find Westlaw UK the most authoritative resource for case law research. Its intuitive layout ensures you can easily find case law on a specific subject and determine whether they are still good law!  We also find the historical legislation service invaluable. Being able to view specific sections of legislation from a point in time makes life easier for our lawyers”


Ross Webb
Warners Solicitors LLP   
“Westlaw UK works for me because it reduces the time that it takes for me to provide clear and concise legal advice to my commercial client base by making a range of easily searchable resources available in one place.  Westlaw UK is a fantastic database and an essential tool for the busy commercial lawyer.”


Samantha Sergeant
Library & Information Services Manager
Weightmans LLP
“As a library manager Westlaw UK works for me because I can point fee-earners to it as a one-stop shop. I can be confident that when using Westlaw they will be able to navigate around easily and find what they need, as well as being able to understand at a glance what is in force or up to date.”


Rob Penrose
Managing Partner
Andrew Jackson
“Andrew Jackson has been a WestlawUK user for many years, and our lawyers find the resources offered through it to be easy and quick to access, and the content to be invaluable. Recent updates to the service have improved functionality and content and have added further value to it.”


Lorna Goulding
Information Resources Manager
Simmons & Simmons LLP
“It was good to come back to Westlaw UK – the clean clear interface is a pleasure to use. I have always found the layout of the case analysis documents particularly helpful and it was great to see the latest additions of tabular view and graphical history.”

Thinking about switching to Westlaw UK?

This two minute video outlines how we manage the whole process from start to finish ensuring your switch over is smooth and hassle free.

If you can’t see the embedded video, please click here.


Why choose Westlaw UK as your legal research solution?

As well as vast, authoritative databases of case law, legislation, journals and business news, Westlaw UK gives you access to time-saving tools. Try Point in Time Search to see how a piece of legislation looked in the past or will look in the future; glance Status Icons to check if it’s still good law or sign up to be alerted when the situation changes.

Benefits include:

  • Faster results – with a user-friendly interface you will significantly reduce research time.
  • Stay up to date – mitigate the risk of relying on out-of-date information with legislation and case alerts straight to your inbox.
  • More than 180 Sweet & Maxwell titles online – including Chitty on Contracts, The White Book and IDS Employment Law Handbooks.
  • UK law encyclopedia – use Insight, our dynamic and ever-growing encyclopedia of UK law. Written by experts in the field, and designed as your first port of call when researching a new area of law or refreshing prior knowledge.
  • Direct linking from Practical Law – linking from legal know how to in-depth case and legislation analysis.
  • Guidance on understanding the application of the law  Our Annotated Statutes* help you understand how new legislation should be applied.
    *add-on to a core subscription


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With a Westlaw UK subscription you can rest assured that we’ll be there to help and support you every step of the way. We provide:

  • Training for all users either web based or at your office – whichever’s best for you
  • Training for new starters as a refresher for existing staff
  • Regular e-newsletters with guidance on any new features
  • General help when using the service via the dedicated customer services team