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Westlaw UK takes the Sweet & Maxwell commentary you know and trust, online and into the 21st century.
Over 100 titles including Archbold, Chitty and The White Book are available to you online and are accompanied
by vast primary law resources, meaning your legal research is faster and smarter.

All powered by the latest intelligent technology to help you become more productive, efficient and successful.

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We believe that the right information in the right hands leads to amazing things. And that every organisation, regardless of size or budget, should have access to the best available resources and technology.

Introducing Westlaw UK online legal research, 200 years of Sweet & Maxwell experience, knowledge and understanding teamed with the latest intelligent technology. Taking the legal information and commentary you trust, online and into the 21st century.


A world of infinite research possibility awaits. With access to Case Law, Legislation and Expert Analysis as well as Journals, Business Information and News, Westlaw UK can help fully leverage the great work you already do.


Westlaw UK was built by lawyers, for lawyers. For over ten years we’ve been using powerful technology that enhances and complements the content of the service. That means it’s easy to navigate and search and gives you the ability to reach insightful information like never before.

We’re confident that you will find Westlaw UK a smart and user-friendly service, and with our support team available all day, every day, we are here for you, whenever you need us.

To keep you on top of your researching game, we offer regular free training on Westlaw UK. This can be carried out in your office, over the phone or via our WebEx sessions.


Westlaw UK gives you access to vast but easily searchable databases of case law, legislation, news, journals, commentary, Current Awareness alerts and EU legal materials. Combined with a user-friendly interface, it ensures that your searches are easy to perform increasing productivity. Highlights include:


  • Easy-to-use and intuitive search functionality; search with Free Text, Subject, Keyword, Party Names, Citation or Term Defined as well as many more Advanced Search options
  • Navigation options to ensure ease of use including: Recent Documents viewed, Research Trail and operative Back button
  • My Folders; store and organise all your legal research, and keep it there for as long as you need
  • Regional, national and international news and business updates
  • Current awareness updated every 15 minutes
  • Alerts; create your own, choose from over 100 pre-selected subjects or get updates on specific cases or provisions
  • All features available online and compatible with tablet and mobile devices
  • Support from a dedicated Customer Support team available all day, every day


  • All key law report series, including the Weekly Law Reports, spanning a range of practice areas, together with PDF versions for use in court
  • All cases from series that are not available as part of Westlaw UK, such as the All England Law Report series, are monitored and matched with alternative reports
  • A court reporting policy focused on selective, quality reporting of key ex tempore decisions, at speed, by a qualified court reporting team
  • Case Analysis documents designed for online research, with seamless linking to: Case Digests, Where Reported, Appellate History and Status, Related Cases, All Cases Cited, Significant Cases Cited, All Cases Citing, Significant Cases Citing, Legislation Cited, Significant Legislation Cited, Journal Articles and Books
  • Term Defined searching; directly linking all legal terms to the current judicial interpretation of those terms, editorially selected, continually updated
  • Status icons; positive, mixed or negative treatment received – quickly assess whether a case is good law


  • Historical and prospective versions, let you see how the law looked in the past and how it will look in the future
  • PDF versions of consolidated legislation, complete with status icons and easy-to-navigate bookmarks
  • Legislation Analysis documents designed for online research provide all information pertinent to a provision with seamless linking to: Enabling Act, Table of Amendments, Commencement, Extent, Modifications, Jurisdictional View, SIs made under the Act, Legislation Citing, all Cases Citing, Significant Cases Citing, Books and Journal Articles
  • Overview documents provide whole Act/SI summaries including Prospective Law, Commencement, all Legislation Citing, all SIs Enabled Under, any EU law Implemented by the Act, all Journal Articles and Term Glossary with Cases Citing
  • Arrangement of Act/SI documents allow you to easily navigate to any provision, part or schedule from one document, and to view, at a glance, the status of all provisions in the Act/SI
  • Term Defined searching, with direct linking as per Cases
  • Annotated Statutes; designed, written and updated only for Westlaw UK, will help you to interpret and draw meaning from legislation


  • Over 100 full-text journals with easy-to-use search and browse functionality across the greatest number available online
  • All the key articles from over 800 of the UK and Europe’s leading legal journals are listed in the Legal Journals Index – a journals abstract service unique to Westlaw UK
  • Term Defined searching; directly linking all legal terms to the current judicial interpretation of those terms, editorially selected, continually updated
  • Journals Circulation List – unique to Westlaw UK – lets you email PDFs of journals to end users, saving large amounts of time distributing them

Books & Looseleafs Online:

  • The Sweet & Maxwell content you know and trust, online with useful time-saving functionality
  • Analytical commentary from over 100 market-leading titles including the entire Common Law Library, Archbold, Chitty and The White Book
  • Pop-up footnote boxes, allow you to simultaneously view the main text and related references
  • Enhanced Tables of Content and Indexes with descriptive pop up boxes prevent unnecessary clicking into irrelevant content
  • Index Term search identifies multiple search term entries and groups them in context, giving you access to all the relevant content on a chosen search term