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Education Law Reports can be relied upon day-to-day to cover the ever increasing volume of case-law affecting every level of education provision. Enabling you to stay in touch with the continuing changes to education law. The Education Law Reports:

  • Cover the ever increasing volume of case-law affecting every level of education provision
  • Enable you to stay in touch with the continuing changes to education law
  • Cited as an authority in all levels of court and used by tribunals
  • Include both new and archived issues
  • Cases from all levels of court including the European Court of Human Rights
  • Head notes written by leading experts in the field
  • Full text of judgments
  • Six issues per year
  • Issues from 1994

The Licensing Law Reports offers comprehensive full-text reports of cases on all aspects of licensing law and practice, including disputes over the granting or revocation of licenses, the conduct of licensable activities and premises, local authority powers and cases on concurrent financial, regulatory and criminal liabilities of license holders. Licensing law reports will enhance the Licensing Procedure looseleaf which is authored law content.

  • The only source that brings together cases of this kind and includes Scottish decisions of interest and relevance in England and Wales
  • Cases under the Licensing Act 2003 are included, together with digests of informative liquor licensing appeal decisions from magistrates’ courts, betting and gaming cases, cases on the Gambling Act 2005 and cases on the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005
  • Provide a comprehensive and regular supply of key judgments
  • Four issues per year
  • Issues from 2001
  • The Licensing Law Reports covers:
    • Alcohol
    • Entertainment and late night refreshment
    • Betting, gaming and lotteries
    • Leisure activities (horse racing to sex shops)
    • Local authorities – policies, practices and codes of conduct
    • Planning and licensed premises
    • Regulatory offences
    • Human rights – fair hearing, property and private lives
    • Taxis
    • Street trading, markets and trademarks and many other forms of licensing

Immigration and Nationality Law Reports is the essential reference for all practitioners engaged in immigration, asylum and nationality work. It is the most authoritative source of leading decisions across all relevant courts and tribunals and will provides:

  • Reliable and accurate case reports from the following courts: Asylum and Immigration Tribunal, High Court, Court of Appeal, House of Lords, European Court of Human Rights
  • Judgments from overseas jurisdictions which have important international implications for UK practitioners
  • Extensive headnotes prepared by specialist immigration lawyers, providing a concise summary of the issues raised
  • All the leading cases
  • Law reports used by all immigration Judges
  • Issues from 1997

Education Law Journal is an up to date, authoritative source of information on all the latest developments in education law. Written by the country’s leading education lawyers, judges and academics, it keeps busy practitioners, local authorities, tribunal judges and academics reliably informed.

  • Newsline, covering the latest legal and policy developments relating, in particular, to schools
  • Articles and case reports in every issue on the topics that matter, including:
    • Special educational needs
    • School admissions
    • Exclusions
    • Employment in schools
    • Higher and further education
    • Dispute resolution
    • International perspectives
  • Summaries of, and expert commentary on, the latest Local Government Ombudsman reports and Statutory Instruments concerning education
  • A regular Higher and Further Education Update outlining key developments
  • Four issues per year
  • Issues from 2006