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If you access Westlaw UK through IP authentication (i.e. without logging in) or Athens or Shibboleth, then you have the ability to create your own personal profile on the service.

Get access to personalised features such as Alerts, RSS Feeds, the Research Trail, and Journal PDFs and Circulation Lists.
Whether you’re a professional or an academic, you can now customise the way that you interact with Westlaw UK.


You can either choose an alert from over 100 pre-selected subject areas or create your own alerts using keywords, case names or legislation that you wish to be updated on. Choose whether you’d like a brief summary of what’s new or complete documents direct from Westlaw UK. Alerts can be set up for Cases, Legislation, Journals, and Current Awareness content.


RSS feeds let you see what content has been updated. A feed is sent daily, so you can see all the day’s developments on the subject areas that you are interested in, on the day they happen without having to come to Westlaw UK to view them. RSS is the ideal way for you to receive updates from Westlaw UK and enables you to easily publish the latest content on your intranet site. Alternatively, you can have live links delivered straight to your RSS compatible browser or reader.


The Research Trail feature makes it easy for you to keep track of your research. You can look at what you’ve researched today, as well as return to previously viewed documents, as it enables you to see the path you took through Westlaw UK in previous research sessions. A trail is automatically saved for 14 days with the option to reset. You also have the options to print, save or email the current research trail in Word or PDF.


Westlaw UK provides full-text version of over 40 specialist journals in PDF for you to download, save and print, where you want, when you want. Circulation Lists are also available, enabling you to manage the distribution of these journals to a group of users or whole departments. Using this you can deliver PDFs of the latest journal issues direct to recipients’ inboxes.

*Available as an add-on to a Westlaw UK subscription