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Westlaw UK is the only service that consolidates all primary and secondary legislation for the UK, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Our legislation analysis documents provide all the pertinent information you require. Written specifically for online research, they include links to all the related content across Westlaw UK, saving you time and giving you access to all the resources for a provision in one place.

Westlaw UK is also the only service that allows instant access to historic and prospective versions of all primary and secondary legislation, including the ability to conduct research at any point in time.

The only service that provides full UK legislative coverage:

    • United Kingdom – Public and General Acts, Local Acts, Statutory Instruments, Statutory Rules and Orders, Church Assembly and General Synod, Bills
    • Scotland – Scottish Acts, Scottish Statutory Instruments, UK Legislation for Scotland
    • Wales – Measures of the National Assembly for Wales, UK Legislation for Wales
    • Northern Ireland – Acts of the Northern Ireland Assembly, Northern Ireland Statutory Rules, Northern Ireland Orders in Council, UK Legislation for Northern Ireland

  • Full analysis – Legislation analysis documents bring together everything you need to know about a provision in one place. It provides links to legislation applying, disapplying or referring to the provision, cases citing it, journal articles referring to it, SIs made under the provision and the enabling Act or SI.
  • The full story – Table of Amendments display the life story of a provision with all previous, current and future versions presented, eliminating the need for cross-referencing
  • Currency – we publish all new acts the same day they come into force and update all the affected statutes and materials within 48 hours
  • Simple identification – Legislation status icons ensure you can clearly see whether that provision is law in force, partially in force or not yet in force
  • Efficiency – The Arrangement of Act/SI documents also allows easy navigation to any provision, part or schedule from one page, saving you going back and forth between pages
  • Expert explanation – Annotated Statutes explain the effect, purpose and likely application of new Acts of UK Parliament, Acts of the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Measures, Northern Ireland Acts and selected Statutory Instruments
  • Bookmarking – PDFs of entire Acts and SIs with bookmarks allowing you to jump to the section you need in one click