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Westlaw UK Insight is a dynamic, continually updated and ever-growing encyclopedia of UK law. It has been designed to be your first port of call when researching a new area of law or refreshing prior knowledge. Acting as a springboard for the rest of your research, Insight offers links to related content throughout Westlaw UK, allowing you to quickly gain an overview of the subject as well as the key issues that you may need to consider.

  • Written by experts in the field including leading solicitors, barristers and academics – all overseen by Parliamentary Counsel
  • Arranged hierarchically, top level articles cover broad areas, lower level articles cover more niche fields
  • Logical structure allows efficient and intuitive navigation across topics and jurisdictions
  • Created specifically for online, our content is relevant, concise yet comprehensive, and updated as the law changes
  • Articles contain direct links to related documents mentioned, including cases, acts, journals and books

  • Deeper understanding – Authoritative articles from experienced editors ensure that you’re in the know when you need to be
  • The perfect starting point – Top level articles cover broad areas with lower level articles covering more specific fields
  • Seamless research – Direct links to related content referenced in the articles
  • Increase efficiency – A simplified process of reviewing primary sources and developing a brief on a statement of law
  • Current – Always stay up to date with changes to specific topics via our bookmarks option