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IDS Employment Law on Westlaw UK

IDS Employment Law on Westlaw UK makes it easy for you to stay on top of major developments in employment law. From unfair dismissal to annual leave, it enables you to conduct detailed employment law research more quickly than ever. We provide clear advice on the law and how it applies in practice from a source you know you can trust: our in-house team of specialist employment lawyers at IDS.


1. IDS Employment Law Brief Journal

At the heart of the service is the IDS Employment Law Brief journal; an unrivaled source of employment law current awareness for over 40 years, and available as a full-text journal on Westlaw UK.

IDS Employment Law Brief offers expert guidance on the wider implications of new judgments and legislation, flagging up trends in employment litigation and practice. We also offer detailed analysis of specific areas of employment law, giving you expert advice on the latest developments and also round up decisions that serve as useful illustrations of the practical effect of the law in a particular area.


2. Current Awareness

News stories, authored by the IDS team, which cover the latest case law, policy and legislative developments as they happen.


3. IDS Employment Law Handbooks

The Handbooks are a range of comprehensive guides to the most important areas of employment law.

They cover all relevant legislation and case law in detail, providing clear advice on how the law applies in practice.
These indispensable employment law texts are updated weekly by the expert in-house author team at IDS, ensuring that you constantly have access to the latest information in the field. Titles include:

  • Atypical and Flexible Working
  • Continuity of Employment
  • Contracts of Employment
  • Discrimination at Work
  • Employment Tribunal Practice and Procedure
  • Equal Pay
  • Industrial Action
  • Maternity and Parental Rights
  • Redundancy
  • Trade Unions
  • Transfer of Undertakings
  • Unfair Dismissal
  • Wages
  • Whistleblowing at Work
  • Working Time


4. The Brief in PDF

Archived issues of the Brief journal available to download, save and print.

Both IDS Employment Law and Practical Law Employment cover employment law. However they were originally designed to meet different customer needs and are therefore often used at different stages in the customer’s workflow.

Practical Law Employment is designed primarily to help lawyers understand how employment law affects their clients in practice. Where possible, materials on Practical Law Employment are structured so that they can be found using a simple search while on the telephone to a client. It also includes notes of how to advise on a particular scenario (for example, when acting for an employee entering into an employment contract) and standard documents that can be adapted to meet a client’s needs.

IDS Employment Law on Westlaw UK is designed to help those researching employment law issues. It goes into particular areas of law in depth, and so would typically be used at a later stage of the workflow to explore particular points in detail. It is often used when preparing a case for tribunal as it is trusted by employment tribunal judges.