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Case Law, In-depth and unrivalled case law coverage

Our vast and ever expanding bank of case law helps you find the information you need quickly, whether you’re looking for a few simple details, deeper analysis or the wider resources for full in-depth research.

Benefit from over 110 full-text law reports, including ICLR and Weekly Law Reports series. We also monitor and match an additional 100 reports including the All England Reports. This ensures we have complete coverage of every case that will matter to you.

  • Over 400,000 full-text case reports and transcripts
  • Case Law from the ICLR, Weekly Law Reports, Industrial Law Reports, English Reports, Session Cases from the SCLR, and Sweet & Maxwell Law Reports
  • Case reports matching provides citations, case analysis with digests, official transcripts and alternative case reports for all key law series that are not available on Westlaw UK, including the All England Law Report Series
  • Full-text transcripts covering the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal, plus selected High Court and Tribunal judgments back to 1999
  • Official transcripts of all UK cases are available from 1999, with over 6,000 added every year
  • Extempore Judgments added within 24 hours including Court of Appeal (Civil & Criminal Division), Queens Bench Division, Chancery Division, Commercial, Divisional and Administrative Courts

  • Complete coverage – Case Analysis documents provide all the details you need, including Where Reported, Related & Significant Cases and All Cases Cited, Case Digest and Appellate History
  • Seamless research – You can also view All Cases Citing, Legislation Cited, Journals, Books and Looseleafs which have cited your case
  • Know the good from the bad – Status icons allow you to quickly assess whether a case has received a positive, mixed or negative treatment
  • Stay ahead – Find Extempore Judgments weeks before the official judgments are available
  • One search, one place – All our case reports, matched transcripts and digests are kept on one database, so you can search across all our case materials in one go
  • We know what you need – Our experts carefully read each of the 9,000 annual transcripts they receive and upload only those that will be of interest to our customers
  • Unrivalled case digests – Around 6,000 transcripts and 3,000 written case digests published annually
  • Archived content – Digests of all UK cases back to 1865 and EU cases back to 1954
  • See the journey – Display cases as flow charts by using our Graphical History view, illustrating its journey through the courts to help bring clarity to complex cases
  • We break it down – Our Tabular View option allows you to see all the information in the Case Analysis in easy-to-read tables, with the All Cases Cited and All Cases Citing sections able to be sorted by date, court or alphabetically