Inside Westlaw UK
Inside Westlaw UK

Westlaw UK gives you access to vast but easily searchable databases of case law, legislation, news, legal journals, commentary, current awareness alerts and EU legal materials.

Our user friendly interface gives you quick access to the information you need, with linking between resources and a variety of features to help you research more accurately and efficiently. Designed specifically for the digital environment, Westlaw UK is transforming the future of legal research.

  • Case law from some of the UK’s most renowned reporting series with over 400,000 case reports and transcripts dating back to 1220
  • Legislation consolidated back to 1267, and updated daily
  • Analytical commentary from the entire Common Law Library and a large range of market-leading books and looseleafs
  • Over 110 journals and access to abstracts of every article in every English-language legal journal in Europe via the Legal Journals Index
  • National, regional and international news and business updates
  • EU and international material
  • Current awareness updated every 15 minutes
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive search functionality
  • Intranet solutions for customised knowledge management systems
  • Optimised for tablet and smart phone
  • Customer support around the clock, every day

  • Easy to use – a simple, clean interface, clear labeling and consistent layout makes a range of information immediately available and allows you to navigate quickly around the site
  • Unbeatable case law coverage – to ensure comprehensive coverage of every case that matters, we provide full text coverage of over 110 law reports, including ICLR and Weekly Law Reports series, and monitor and match an additional 100 reports including the All England Law Reports
  • We’re the only provider of full UK legislation coverage – Westlaw UK is the only service that consolidates all primary and secondary legislation for the UK, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We also display different jurisdictional versions of UK law separately so that you can clearly see what applies where
  • Our currency is ahead of the rest  we publish new acts the same day they come in to force, with all related materials amended within 48 hours. Case digests are written for all key cases on the day the judgment is delivered, with status icons of all the affected cases updated within 24 hours
  • Unrivalled UK Journals coverage – you can search across 110 full-text journals and over half a million more abstracts through the Legal Journals Index, enabling you to quickly find the articles needed for your research
  • Our extempore judgments keep you ahead – So that you stay informed of the latest decisions that will impact you, our team of court reporters are on the ground every day to provide comprehensive coverage of extempore judgments at 7 court divisions
  • We’re made for online – We’ve designed our service to save you time at every turn. Analysis documents bring together everything you need in one place, our search gives you only the most useful results, and Insight provides a platform for all your research needs
  • Annotated statues explain everything  We understand that legislation can be very difficult to digest. Our Annotated Statutes service provides detailed and up-to-date explanations of the issues surrounding every provision, helping to demystify the law, place it in context and how see how it will affect you
  • Our experts get what you need  We look to take on new resources that are in high demand, reply to case queries within 48hrs, and if a document isn’t available elsewhere, we’ll find and deliver the case, act or journal article you are looking for
  • We tailor our training around you  Whether it’s onsite or online, for 2 hours or all day, and if you need a complete introduction to the full package or a detailed understanding of one research module, our training will cater to your requirements