Enhancements to IDS Employment Law
Enhancements to IDS Employment Law

Westlaw UK are excited to launch significant changes to your experience when researching on IDS Employment Law.

With a focus on ease of use, you will now be able to find the content you need in one place, including IDS Employment Law Brief, Cases, Handbooks, and Current Awareness. You now also have the ability to search across all content at the one time, providing a cleaner, more efficient, and improved employment law solution.


What’s been improved?

  • Search results are now patterned by content set (although it has not been possible to separate Handbook and IDS Employment Law Cases content, so these appear under the same banner)
  • IDS Employment Law Brief journal content is presented in a format that more closely resembles the actual inside cover of the paper journal – i.e. a contents list for each edition with a short section of ‘teaser text’ for each case report and article. This is an improvement on the current presentation of journal content, which simply lists case report and article titles
  • IDS Employment Law Brief journal content can be searched and browsed by subject
  • Improved faceted search for IDS Employment Law Brief journal content, allowing the user to apply keyword filters and other criteria to narrow down search results
  • IDS Employment Law Brief case reports will have full PDF transcripts of the judgments, as well as a PDF of the journal itself



1. The IDS Employment Law tab

For subscribers of the core Westlaw UK subscription as well as the IDS add-on, they will see the IDS Employment Law tab as the first option on their top toolbar. This tab takes users to the IDS Employment Law homepage. For IDS Employment Law standalone only subscribers, they will be brought to the homepage upon log in.

IDS brief on Westlaw UK

2. Content Sets

Subscribers can use the check-boxes on the left to choose which of the IDS content sets they want to include in their search. This is also the way to browse the content sets – clicking one of the titles brings the user to the landing page for the content type. From that point, the user can browse either by date (for Current Awareness), subject (for IDS Employment Law Handbooks and IDS Employment Law Cases) or by a combination of both (IDS Employment Law Brief).
Note: The list of content types will change depending on subscription – e.g. customers who do not take the Handbooks will not see the Handbooks in this list Document title/case name search
Document title/case name search.

This option allows the user to search IDS Employment Law Brief and IDS Employment Law Cases content by case name. This option has not been available so far on Westlaw UK. It also allows the user to search some of the head notes under which cases have been taxonomised in the IDS Employment Law Cases and the subject headings in the Handbooks.


3. What’s New?

The What’s New links take the user directly to the most recent content. The Brief link goes to the contents page for the most recent edition. The Current Awareness link goes to a list of IDS news alerts in reverse chronological order. The IDS Employment Law Cases and Handbooks links go to PDF documents that contain information and links to the last month’s updates.


4. At Glance

This is content that used to be available on the idsbrief.com website but could not previously be accommodated on Westlaw UK. The links go to PDF documents listing qualification periods and time limits for a variety of employment rights; the compensation limits that apply to employment claims; levels of statutory payments (e.g. maternity pay, sick pay); prospective developments in legislation; and notable cases that are waiting to be decided by the appeal courts. This information, which is also available on the ids.thomsonreuters.com site, will be regularly updated.