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“A valuable and everyday tool in the often bewildering world of legal research”

- William Waldron Q.C, Exchange Chambers


“From an in-house perspective, Westlaw UK has been an excellent and cost-effective means to research various areas of law and keep up to date with any changes. I would recommend Westlaw UK as a very useful add-on to the legal resources used by the in-house legal community"

- Ali Akbar, General Counsel, Sumitomo Mitusi Trust Bank


“Westlaw UK is for me an excellent facility, which I am using increasingly at present. The instructions and the website itself are very clear, and the system is easy to use”

- Christopher Morcom, Q.C, Hogarth Chambers


“It was good to come back to Westlaw UK – the clean clear interface is a pleasure to use. I have always found the layout of the Case Analysis documents particularly helpful and it was great to see the latest additions of tabular view and Graphical History”

- Lorna Goulding, Information Resources Manager, Simmons & Simmons LLP