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Regulatory and Guidance Materials

Westlaw UK’s Regulatory and Guidance Material allows you to expand your Legal research beyond Primary Law to help you dig deeper into a particular area.

Our wide range of coverage from selected HMRC Manuals to Guidance Notes gives you a huge amount of information at your fingertips,while our seamless linking to primary legal materials enables you to find the content that is most relevant to you.

With Government websites continually updating and changing,Westlaw UK’s Regulatory and Guidance Material content offer in-house documents back to 2010 for selected content (see coverage below). This archive will continue to expand so that we can bring you the most reliable and relevant content possible.



The Regulatory and Guidance Material homepage houses all kinds of different materials which contain in-house documents where available. Our archive content will continue to grow but currently it includes:

  • Circulars since 1995 (with in-house documents since 2010*)
  • Codes of Practice since 1995 (with in-house documents since 2010*)
  • Command Papers since 1995 (with in-house documents since 2010*)
  • Consultative Documents since 1995
  • European Materials since 1995
  • Guidance Notes since 1995 (with in-house documents since 2010*)
  • International Materials since 1995
  • Non official and Official Publications since 1995 (some with in-house documents since 2010*)
  • Parliamentary Papers since 1995
  • Practice Directions since 1995
  • Reports since 1995

* In house documents are provided where copyright allows.

HMRC Manuals

Currently we have six HMRC Manuals that are updated daily sothat they accurately reflect the manuals as they stand today.These manuals can be browsed and searched against, while we willalso increase this coverage as we are looking to include all themanuals in the near future.

Crown Copyright

All material under the Regulatory and Guidance service is covered by the Open Government Licence and is reproduced with the permission of the Controller of HMSO and the Queen’s Printer for Scotland.


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IDS ELC brochure

Brochure – final

Hudsons Building and Engineering Contracts

Hudsons building and engineering contracts

Practice Area: Construction Law
Author: Atkin Chambers
Format: Book
Status: Live on Westlaw UK


  • Notes the inconsistencies in the decisions of two Australian cases Dura & Hue Boutique and Cordon v Lesdro Properties regarding the implication of a duty of good faith in certifying under a standard form contracts
  • Cites the Malaysian case Qimonda v Sabriabene and the Court of Appeal’s decision of implying a fiduciary trust in respect of retention monies into a standard form contract against the weight of a strong line of English cases
  • Looks at the decision of Mr Justice Akenhead in Walter Lilley v Giles Mackay giving fresh and practical guidance on how to deal with delay claims when the usual “concurrency” question is raised
  • Looks at two cases dealing with the meaning of “dispute” in Whitby v Beam and Carillion v Smith and a case on severance in Beck v UK Flooring
  • Includes coverage of the very recent decision in Harrington v Systech from the Master of Rolls in holding that no fees may be claimed by an adjudicator for a non-compliant decision

Hewitt on joint ventures

Hewitt on joint ventures

Practice Area: Commercial Law
Editor: Ian Hewitt
Format: Book
Status: Live on Westlaw UK



Joint Ventures examines a range of transactions where two or more existing companies or firms agree to establish a common enterprise or business-related activity in which they intend jointly and directly to participate.
The new 5th edition of Joint Ventures offers you an in-depth examination of all aspects of joint ventures and a range of collaborative relationships. It identifies the principal issues raised by an array of transactions, sets out the relevant legal background and suggests ways of dealing with issues that may arise.
The new edition:

  • Discusses the growth of joint ventures and alliances in the changing business and economic climate
  • Examines duties of nominee directors under the Companies Act 2006 and the new statutory derivative action now in force
  • Includes the special features of joint venture agreements involving the public sector
  • Addresses changes required to the Model Articles of Association under the Companies Act 2006
  • Features the use of limited liability partnerships (LLP) in joint ventures
  • Offers increased attention to “strategic” contractual alliances
  • Provides a guide to the possible introduction of the European Private Company (EPC) as a structure for joint ventures
  • Covers the Bribery Act 2010 to ensure you are aware of the anti-bribery and corruption measures that need to be addressed when conducting an international joint venture
  • Addresses the British Standards Institution’s framework specification, BS11000 on Collaborative Business Relationships, introduced in 2010 and issues surrounding the governance of joint ventures and alliances
  • Discusses the increased use of mediation in dispute settlement
  • Includes expanded coverage to the international dimensions of this edition with the introduction of Switzerland and updated sections on Brazil, Russia, India and China
  • Offers additional precedents, such as the International Trade Centre(ITC) Model Contract for International Corporate Joint Venture aimed at small and medium enterprises