Wilkinson’s Road Traffic Offences
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General Editor: Kevin McCormac
Format: Book
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As the definitive authority on road traffic offences in England and Wales, Wilkinson’s Road Traffic Offences covers every facet of road traffic law you are likely to encounter, whatever the situation. It provides an unbeatable combination of in-depth analysis with a user-friendly format so that the answers you need are readily to hand.

  • Explains the law, legal principles and procedure
  • Shows both what the law is and how to proceed with prosecuting or defending a case
  • Sets out the basic principles and clarifies key terms
  • Covers specific offences chapter-by-chapter ensuring relevant information is easy to find
  • Follows through to sentencing and appeals, covering every aspect in chronological order
  • Sets out the implication of legislative and case law developments
  • Goes through typical and unusual situations and provides advice on the law relating to them
  • Provides easy access to core statutory and related primary materials, with annotation to clarify complex areas
  • Gives full consideration of the Sentencing Guidelines Council’s revised Magistrates’ Court Sentencing Guidelines as regards each road traffic offence
  • Covers death by driving offences and the Sentencing Guidelines Council’s definitive sentencing guideline applying to them