The Law of Nuclear Energy
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Author: Helen Cook
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Whatever area you work in – development, finance or research – our new title can help you understand the ins and outs of nuclear energy law.

Covering the legislative and regulatory framework for the development of nuclear power programmes and the procurement, construction and financing of nuclear new build project, The Law of Nuclear Energy is designed to give you an all-inclusive overview of the subject.

Author Helen Cook considers current and future trends and developments in nuclear energy law.

This new title:

  • Examines the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) guidelines
  • Covers the content of international and national nuclear energy law and gives insight into possible future development to existing legislative and regulatory infrastructure
  • Discusses how to implement the obligations contained in the international treaties and conventions at a national level
  • Examines cross-border issues such as nuclear liability and export controls
  • Covers the procurement phase for nuclear construction
  • Describes the construction process and key contractual provisions, including licensing and permitting, dispute management and avoidance
  • Discusses small modular nuclear reactors, including the potential benefits and legal challenges
  • Considers traditional and new approaches to nuclear financing
  • Considers future issues in nuclear law, including in response to new nuclear technologies and the Fukushima accident

Helen Cook is a senior associate in the Project Development & Finance Group. Her practice focuses on international nuclear energy matters.



University of Sydney Law School,

LL.B., First Class Honours

University of Sydney, B.A.



District of Columbia, Special Legal Consultant


New South Wales, Australia


Professional Activities

  • World Nuclear Association
  • International Nuclear Lawyers Association
  •  Australian Nuclear Association


Selected Publications

  • Author of The Law of Nuclear Energy, Sweet & Maxwell, 2013




Speaking Engagements

  • “Nuclear law and the nuclear industry,” July 11, 2014. Lecture at Oxford University, UK, at the World Nuclear University Summer Institute, run by the World Nuclear Association.
  •  “Financing New Nuclear Construction,” May 18, 2013. Presented at the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum.
  • “Australia’s Uranium and Nuclear Policy An Update,” April 10, 2013. Presented at the World Nuclear Fuel Cycle Conference.
  • “International Industry Perspective on Nuclear Energy Policy Delivery,” April 5, 2013. Presented at the University of Stirling, Conference on Policy Delivery on Low Carbon.
  • “Harnessing the International Nuclear Market for National Nuclear Success,” September 13, 2012. Presented at the World Nuclear Association’s 37th Annual Symposium.
  • “Developments in International Nuclear Law,” August 29, 2012. Presented at the Sydney Centre for International Law.
  •  Moderated conference panel on “Dealing with Multi Agency Scrutiny in Export Controls Compliance” at the Conference on Commercialising Small Reactors, Washington, D.C., July, 2012.