Schofield’s Election Law
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General Editor: Paul Gribble CBE
Format: Looseleaf
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Setting out and explaining the law and practice of elections and referendums in England and Wales, Schofield’s Election Law:

  • Covers parliamentary, European parliamentary, local, parish and community, Welsh Assembly, Greater London elections and local referendums
  • Explains who can and cannot be a candidate in an election
  • Looks at when elections can or must be held
  • Describes who arequalified voters and how they should be registered
  • Deals with the roll of the returning officer and the preparation for elections
  • Goes through the election process, from notice of the election and the poll itself to the count and post-count procedure
  • Sets out the rights, duties and obligations of candidates and their agents
  • Examines the procedure for absent voting
  • Considers a range of offences related to elections, including corrupt and illegal practices
  • Describes how and when elections can be challenged
  • Details the registration of political parties
  • Takes into account referendums and electoral systems, such as first past the vote, single transferable vote, etc
  • Contains the complete text of all relevant statutes and statutory instruments, presented in their revised form removing the need to track amendments since they were first enacted
  • Features election case reports
  • Reproduces election circulars and specimen forms

Releases will include legislation covering the regulations for Police and Crime Commissioner elections, the implementation of individual electoral registration, and additional amendments to election law together with legislation covering local government referendums and mayoral elections. It is also anticipated that House of Lords reform may make some progress, however, whilst the Law Commission have commenced their review of electoral law in the United Kingdom draft legislation is not expected until 2017 at the earliest.