Renewal of Business Tenancies
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Author: Kirk Reynolds, QC; Wayne Clark
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Format: Book
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Renewal of Business Tenancies gives you detailed and unrivalled guidance on the law and practice involved with the renewal of business leases. It provides advice on how to overcome the tricky issues facing you when you are working on tenancy renewals for commercial premises.

The book examines the right to renew and the role of the court in the process. There’s advice on preparing for hearings, what to do in court and how to deal with the outcome.

Renewal of Business Tenancies covers every stage of the renewal: termination, serving notices and responding, applicationsfor new tenancies, opposition on the part of the landlord, terms of new tenancy, carrying out the order, and preparing for hearings.

Practical examples are provided throughout, so that you can see how the complexities of the procedures work in practice. There’s also advice on how to employ the right tactics at the right time, so you can make sure your negotiations have the best possible results.

Helps you to get the best deal for your clients

  • Puts forward workable solutions to the problems encountered in dealing with lease renewal of business tenancies
  • Explains how the law is applied, the right to renew and the role of the court
  • Takes you through the individual components of the tenancy renewal process:
    – termination
    – serving notices and responding
    – applications for new tenancies
    – opposition on the part of the landlord
    – terms of new tenancy
    – carrying out the order
    – preparing for hearings
    – after the hearing
  • Keeps you on top of key developments, covering the significant changes to the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954, amendments to the CPR and recent cases
  • Explains which transactions the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 applies to, so you can make sure you cover the changes in your agreements
  • Presents a range of examples throughout the text giving highly practical solutions to complex procedures
  • Provides advice on tactics and timing, so you get the best results for your clients
  • Shows you how to prepare for hearings, what to do and how to deal with the aftermath
  • Text is supported by statutes, practice directions, and CPR
  • Saves you time by providing the forms you need in one place including non-prescribedforms and precedents

Saves you time when drafting and in court
The authors, Kirk Reynolds QC and Wayne Clark, have bought together all the forms you need for renewals. These include non-prescribed forms and precedents to save you time when drafting and in court.

Be prepared for every eventuality

  • Does the Act apply?
  • The continuation of tenancies
  • The termination of tenancies
  • Serving notices – timing and tactics
  • Response to the notice or request
  • Applications for new tenancies
  • Grounds of opposition
  • The terms of the new tenancy
  • Carrying out the order
  • Preparing for the hearing
  • Compensation for disturbance
  • Improvements
  • Procedure
  • Statutes
  • Forms and precedents

Expert commentary you can rely on Renewal of Business Tenancies is written by two barristers from Falcon Chambers, the leading property set, Kirk Reynolds QC and Wayne Clark.