Law Relating to Parent & Child in Scotland (SULI), The
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Author: Professor Kenneth McK Norrie
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This eagerly anticipated third edition is the most detailed and respected analysis available of the law governing the Parent and Child relationship in Scotland. In the years since the previous edition in 1999 the law has very substantially changed, not only as a result of extensive case law development and statutory amendment but also because of the increasing influence of European human rights imperatives.

The very notion of parenthood itself, especially but not only following artificial reproductive procedures, has undergone a radical restructuring since 1999. Permanence orders, parenting orders, medical examination orders and antisocial behaviour orders have all been created since the previous edition.

Important guidance has been given by the courts in residence and contact disputes, for example in respect of applications by one parent to remove the child from the jurisdiction. The increasing role of domestic violence in residence and contact disputes, and the decreasing role of sexual orientation, are both dealt with in detail.

Professor Norrie tackles all issues affecting these areas of the law and guides the reader through these important and complex changes, not only describing them but also providing key academic insight and understanding into how these affect families in Scotland and therefore the real life work of legal professionals dealing with such cases.