Hollington on Shareholders’ Rights
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Author: Robin Hollington, QC
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The 7th edition of Hollington on Shareholders’ Rights offers an in-depth explanation to the principles surrounding the roles of shareholders and the company law that applies to them. The roles of minority and majority shareholders are analysed showing you where the power lies so that you can better advise companies and individuals.

  • Explains the rights of minority shareholders and offers guidance on statutory remedies available to them when their rights have been  breached
  • Fully updated to include the recent Court of Appeal and Privy Council authorities
  • Sets out  the key broad principles governing the rights of an individual shareholder and the balance of power between the majority and the minority
  • Uses the principles throughout to provide a framework for in-depth explanation of different aspects of law and practice
  • Examines shareholder agreements
  • Details the fiduciary duties of directors in relation to shareholders
  • Considers the balance of power between majority and minority shareholders and examines restrictions placed upon the powers of majority shareholders
  • Takes into account the principles of partnership law, such as good faith, which have been adopted in company law
  • Offers a full analysis of share valuation principles
  • Covers the impact of the Companies Act 2006 as it affects shareholders’ rights, particularly the impacts around the codification of the law relating to directors’ duties and derivative claims
  • Reflects all the key recent cases, include decisions which examine the implications on the relationship between the unfair prejudice remedy and derivate claims, and underlying principles of the unfair prejudice remedy