Handbook of Dilapidations
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Author: Professor Del Williams; Eric Shapiro; James Thom, QC
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Format: Looseleaf
Status: Live on Westlaw UK

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Providing you with extensive coverage of the obligations and responsibilities for the repair of rented properties, the Handbook of Dilapidations:

  • Covers dilapidations relating to both commercial and residential property
  • Explains the parts to be repaired, when the obligation to repair arises, the scope of work required and the quality of work necessary
  • Details the remedies available to landlords for damages and other actions
  • Contains digests of over 200 relevant cases, showing how the law has been interpreted by the courts
  • Reproduces statutes and provides forms and precedents
  • Advises how to avoid potential problems, along with practical guidance on how to deal with such issues should they arise
  • Provides you with the full Property Litigation Associations Dilapidations Protocol