Delay and Disruption in Construction Contracts
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Author: Keith Pickavance
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Format: Book
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    • Covers each potential stage of delay and disruption from inception and risk assessment through to dispute and settlement
    • Provides commentary and comparison on 95 standard forms including 22 new standard forms of contract from the UK, Ireland, the US and New Zealand, including the 2008/9 editions of the JCT and Irish government forms and the 2007 AIA form
    • Completely revised, updated and expanded with new sections on planning and scheduling risk, GMP, target cost, partnering and alliancing contracts, notices, pacing and total time claims, forensic schedule analysis, visualisations, settlement and dispute resolution
    • Cited in Alstom Ltd v Yokogawa Australia Proprietary Ltd, Lim Chin San Contractors Pte Ltd v LW Infrastructure Pte Ltd
    • Discusses at length the practice and law of proof of causation in delay and disruption related claims, in various jurisdictions
    • Covers the practice of change management and project control in construction and civil engineering contracts
    • Explains in detail the approach to planning and scheduling, delay and disruption, extensions of time and compensation for delay and disruption in the latest versions of standard forms
    • Maps the developments of practical standards in planning, scheduling and forensic delay analysis against contemporary academic and legal theory
    • Explains how delay, disruption, concurrency, parallelism, pacing, apportionment, global claims, total loss and modified total loss and time claims should be handled
    • Compares contrasts the old and new construction contracts in their approach to delay, extensions of time and compensation
    • Provides diagrams to illustrate the subjects covered
    • Deals with the comparative law in this subject for England, Scotland, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand and the United States