Commercial property development precedents
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General Editor: Marshall Levine; Damian Perry; Mark Rees-Jones; Lawrance Heller
Format: Looseleaf
Status: Live on Westlaw UK

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Before commercial property can be developed or redeveloped, carefully drafted agreements are needed to bring together the parties concerned, namely the developer, the financier and the agent to manage and let the completed property.

Commercial Property Development Precedents provides all the documents needed for such agreements. It sets out carefully drafted contracts and clauses for funding of land acquisition; design and building construction, including project management; and the development of the property, including the agreement for sale.

Clear, concise commentary explains the different clauses and what they achieve, notes what the user should be aware of when preparing agreements, summarises the law relating to commercial property development and establishes the roles and obligations of the parties involved.

As part of this area of practice is dominated by standard forms, this work puts forward amendments to the standard clauses where they do not reflect the envisaged transaction or where the balance of the parties’ obligations needs to be altered.

Using Commercial Property Development Precedents alongside the standard form contracts will ensure that the legal documentation is suitable for the needs of the parties and the nature of the development, with nothing overlooked.

  • Will aid drafting where standard forms cannot be relied on without checking and amendment
  • Puts forward amendments to the standard clauses with commentary where they do not reflect the envisaged transaction
  • Provides specimen clauses for all the high value and notoriously complex legal documentation arising in property development
  • Reflects practitioners’ needs by following document preparation at each transaction stage
  • The full text of the precedents is now also available on disk in Word format to enable speedy drafting of documents without the need to rekey