Aldridge Leasehold Law
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Author: Trevor M Aldridge, QC (Hon)
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Format: Looseleaf
Status: Live on Westlaw UK

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This work states the law on landlord and tenant clearly and concisely, explains the technicalities of the law, concentrates on practical aspects such as drafting, and combines common law with current statutes so that all the law on a single topic can be found in one place.
Leasehold Law has been prepared with the prime objective of providing maximum practical information in a format that requires minimum research time. Users will not have to turn from one end of the work to another to get a clear picture – it is all there in one place.
Also included in the work is coverage of institutional leases, relevant source material and a selection of precedents for preparing tenancy agreements.
* Emphasis is on the practical application of the law in relation to all types of commercial, residential and agricultural property
* All the law on a subject area can be found in one place
* Presents an integrated explanation of the law
* Looseleaf format keeps the practitioner up to date, taking into account new developments in case and statute law

Trevor M Aldridge, QC (Hon)