Books & Looseleafs Navigation Enhancement

Find the right title and author information, quickly and easily through the enhanced display of all Westlaw UK books and looseleafs.


Browse by subject area

Discover new titles in areas which matter to you most, thanks to the new category system. All titles now sit under at least one of the 28 subject areas. If it’s appropriate for a title to sit under more than one, it will. This streamlined navigation will make it far easier for you to find what you need.


Identify what is available to you

To help you understand which titles are currently included in your subscription, each subject area title is displayed in either grey or black. Black represents a subject area in which you have at least one purchased title. Those in grey denote that you either have no
purchased titles in that area at all, or those that you do are only available on a pay per view basis.


Improved search capabilities

Previously you could only search all titles at once or hand pick a selection. In listing titles by subject area you can now search all titles in one subject area in one fell swoop.


Quick access to title information

The new homepage now allows you to access key bibliographic information for every title. This may include, full title, edition number, full list of authors and contributors, subject areas, main work publication date, main work law stated date, supplement publication date, supplement law stated date, link to preliminary materials PDF, and a link to the relevant page on the Sweet & Maxwell e-store for each title.
This extra information will be accessible even if you haven’t currently bought access to that title.

For more information on further functionality and for a free trial subscription, visit our Inside Westlaw UK page.