It is now crucial for legal professionals to be equipped with the tools needed to handle the major regulatory changes ahead. Allowing you to identify, prepare and anticipate changes to the law. In these uncertain times, Thomson Reuters understands the increased pressure being put on you to prepare for the impact that new legislation could have on your organisation, clients and regulators. The Westlaw UK Bills content will ensure that you have access to one online portal for all your legislation needs, equipping you with the resources needed to handle a post-Brexit Britain.



Westlaw UK now includes Bills, so you can be confident that you are viewing the most useful and relevant content when performing your legal research.

Coverage includes:

  • Westminster Government Bills
  • Hybrid Bills
  • Private Members Bills (selected)

We are continually looking at ways to grow our content in a way which is most relevant to you. If there is a Bill of particular interest or importance which is not available, the team will strive to include the Bill within Westlaw UK, once a customer request and review process has been completed.



Search the latest Bill full text directly from the Westlaw UK homepage or from within the Legislation tab.  Basic search and browsing will return the most recent full text version. To access previous versions of a Bill, you can use the Advanced Search feature or select the Overview Document.



Once you have found the Bill you are looking for, you will have the ability to build a fuller legislation story with relevant links to related legislation. The full text Bill document will allow you to navigate to the previous or next provision by selecting the relevant link from above the legislation title. You will also have the ability to print, download and save selected provisions into a folder.



The Bills Progress Table can be found in the Overview Document of each Bill. The table displays:

  • Stage process a Bill must complete before receiving Royal Assent
  • Date of  when each stage was completed
  • Confirmed future stage dates
  • Links to the full text at each stage (where applicable and available)
  • Link to the new Act (once a Bill has received Royal Assent)



To understand how legislation may change, Westlaw UK incorporates Bill amendments into provisions to provide you with ‘Bill Amended Text’. These new amendments to enacted legislation will include amendments from Bills and will be based on the Law in Force or Prospective Law, depending on how the Bill amendment is  incorporated into the text. A Bill proposed to insert whole new provisions, these will be displayed in the Arrangement of Provisions view of the legislation.



If you are a current Westlaw UK subscriber, click here to access the Bills content. If you are not a subscriber but would like to know more about how Westlaw UK can help with the upcoming legislation changes, please get in contact with us.



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