Archbold and Westlaw UK

Archbold is available on Westlaw UK as part of a Westlaw UK Crime subscription. Westlaw UK Crime takes just the criminal law content from the whole of Westlaw UK to create a tailored crime-specific research service. Searching Archbold for the information you need with Westlaw UK Crime is quick and easy, and you can link directly from the text to consolidated primary law.

Supplement updates are on the same screen as the main work and additional weekly updating is incorporated, all highlighted in the text and by paragraph number. There are links to and from Criminal Law Week for further reading and links to the cases and consolidated legislation on Westlaw, everything you need for research all in one place. You can download sections for your court bundles and it has a index word wheel to make searching much quicker.

You can also print, download, save and email search results and full chapter PDFs. Archbold is available as part of the core Westlaw UK Crime service. Or if you are already a Westlaw UK subscriber you can add Archbold to your existing subscription.

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Archbold is also available in Print and as an eBook. For more information you can visit