1. We annotate Acts for all jurisdictions

Welsh Assembly Acts (and formerly, Measures); Northern Ireland Assembly Acts, Scottish Parliament Acts, and Westminster Acts. And every Act published from the present day back to 2007 is fully annotated for all jurisdictions.



2. We only have a two week turn around

Our Annotations are up on Westlaw UK within 2 weeks of the Act being published and often sooner.



3. We take customer requests and are very happy to do so

We love taking content requests from our customers and it’s no different for Annotations. Some urgent Act requests have even been annotated within a matter of weeks.



4. We have the expert authority in Daniel Greenberg

Daniel Greenberg (former Parliamentary Counsel (UK); now legal adviser in the House of Commons, consultant Parliamentary Counsel at Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP, Editor of Craies on Legislation, Westlaw UK Insight and Stroud’s Judicial Dictionary) writes the Annotations, with additional input from lawyers experienced in various fields, such as the Crown Prosecution Service.

5. We include Legislative Intention Notes (Pepper v Hart Notes) – from Hansard

Annotations include thousands of hand-picked, informative quotes from Parliamentary debates on the Bill; these give detailed background information as to why the Bill was introduced, what its aim was, and the amendments and discussions that took place to re-shape the Bill before it became an Act. Links to the full debates are also included, to enable further reading on the Parliament website.



6. Our Annotations link to Government Guidance Documents

Our annotations include links out to Government Guidance documents such as Codes of Practice and Codes of Conduct. Guidance Documents can often be extremely hard for practitioners to locate. These links can be found under the heading Quasi-Legislation Notes.

7. The Annotations service includes 360 General Notes – explaining key legal concepts

Our General Notes are a kind of mini law encyclopaedia: each Note discusses a legal concept or term in depth, with relevant case extracts, Hansard material, relevant legislation and other useful points all gathered together in a one or two page document. Plus, not only does Daniel Greenberg write our General Notes, but he keeps them up to date (all General Notes are updated monthly and reviewed yearly) with new information, quotes from new cases, new relevant legislation and much more.


8. We have Case Notes and Amendment Notes

Focused quotations from significant cases on particular provisions and information on the intention of post-enactment amendments. Not only are these added to Acts but also to selected provisions of SIs.



9. Of Acts made in 2006 or earlier, there are 150 which we have fully annotated

Plus we have 650 more Acts which are partially annotated, usually in sections of the Act which are used most often by our customers. Partially annotated Acts may include highly relevant case notes, legislative amendment notes, or quasi-legislation links.



10. We have now annotated 75% of the top 100 older Acts

We are continually adding to our cache of Annotations for older (pre-2007) Acts. Last year we annotated 25 Acts from the top 100 older Acts, and we will continue to annotate more of them this year.