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27/11/2015 – Legislation Enhancements

The legislation know how service now includes a new Bills feature which allows users to identify, search and assess the impact of all Westminster Government and selected Private Members’ Bills.
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27/11/2015 – Books & Looseleafs Enhancement

Find the right title and author information, quickly and easily through the enhanced display of all Westlaw UK books and looseleafs.
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27/08/2015 – Getting to know Westlaw UK

Do you want to know more about Westlaw UK? View our first 5 episodes now!



24/04/2015 – 10 things you need to know about Annotations

1. We annotate Acts for all jurisdictions Welsh Assembly Acts (and formerly, Measures); Northern Ireland Assembly Acts, Scottish Parliament Acts, and Westminster Acts. And every Act published from the present day back to 2007 is fully annotated for …


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18/02/2015 – New education, immigration and licensing content now live on Westlaw UK

Westlaw UK subscribers now have online access to content from Jordan Publishing, including the Education Law Reports, Licensing Law Reports, the Immigration and Nationality Law Reports and the Education Law Journal.

Online access to this new content ensures that customers have both up-to-date and archived editions stored in one simple, accessible place. Westlaw UK enhances Jordan’s content through intelligent functionality including easy searching, seamless linking to cases and legislation cited, full-text transcripts and delivery and alerting tools. Find out more about the Jordan Publishing content now available on Westlaw UK.


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28/01/2015 – Westlaw UK students – #Future Legal Legends

You are the legal industry’s next bright stars, leaders and legends.

At Thomson Reuters we understand the challenges, trials and copious amounts of reading that make up a law degree.

So while you’re working your guts out, we’ll be right here, giving you insight and advice from some of the UK’s top legal professionals and current students as well as various tips, tricks and prizes to help you ace your degree.

It’s just our way of saying ‘here’s to you’, you future legal legends.

Visit the Future Legal Legends pages and our short film here.