27th January 2017


The proposed legislation for the British Government to begin the legal process of leaving the European Union has been published and is working its way through Parliament. In this ever changing legal climate, it is now more important than ever for legal professionals to know the future state of their field, anticipate changes in the law and the effect it could have on how they, their clients and regulators operate.

Find out more about the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill on Westlaw UK such as key amendment information and how inline amendments will effect a single provision before the Bill gets enacted.

Track the Bill as it passes through Parliament > >

The easy to digest overview document of the Bill states its progress and is updated as it passes through each key stage. Use the Bills Progress Table to see provisional and completed dates for each stage as well as links to previous iterations which outlines how the Bill has changed over time.


The Bills Progress Table:

See it for yourself

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