Legislation Enhancement

In an ever changing legal climate, it is now more important than ever for legal professionals to know the future state of their field, anticipating changes in the law and the affect it could have on how they, their clients and regulators operate. The latest Westlaw UK legislation enhancement will ensure that you have access to one online portal for all your legislation needs to handle the major regulatory challenges ahead.

Find the latest Bill information

Search the latest full text of Bills directly from the Westlaw UK homepage or delve deeper by searching or browsing from the Legislation tab.  Once you have found the Bill you are looking for, build a deeper understanding of the draft legislation’s impact by using the links to relevant Westlaw UK legislation.

Understand the Bill journey

To mitigate risk or lobby against a change, it is important to know and understand the different stages a Bill must pass through and have access to the key stages of a Bill as it grows and changes. Advise with confidence with the Bills Progress Table, which includes provisional and completed dates for each stage as well as links to previous iterations to see how a Bill has changed over time.

Future Insight

Understand how Bills can potentially change legislation with access to Bill amendments incorporated into enacted legislation. See how new provisions will interact with existing legislation and how in line amendments will affect a single provision before a Bill gets enacted.


If you’re a current Westlaw UK subscriber, click here to start browsing the Bills content now and track new legislative developments or speak to your Account Manager for more information.